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Another Dorthe Skappel Sweater!

Well, if I am to be really honest, the title should read “Another Dorthe Skappel Sweater And Then Three More” 


5.5 hrs of knitting yesterday and I have to start again. 4th times a charm?!

Why 4 you ask? I used the size US 10 knitting needles and found the stitches to be too small. I want a cozy, chunky, bulky sweater so I went up a size. It was still too fine knit, so, I knit it again. That’s the one on the left that you see below. The one on the left is on the 10.5 needles and has a 7.5cm ribbing.


I was curious to see what it would look like even bigger so I used needles sized 13 and skipped the ribbing. 


I love it. It’s crazy soft and the perfect thickness! ….except I knit it way to wide!! GAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
I think I need to cast on 60 instead of 80. It’s so wide. I could make a sleeping bag and fit two people in it. So I guess I’m frogging it and starting again!

Here is a photo of how wide this sucker is, before I unravel it. 


That’s 80 stitches on size 13 needles with yarn that’s about 4 or 4.5 yarn weight. It’s 74 cms!!! 29 inches. ALMOST 2.5 FEET. That’s just the front!!! So you can see why I’m pulling it all out. 

I really hope that this 4th time works out.
Feel free to send me help. 

Some info about the yarn: I got this super gorgeous forest green yarn at my nemesis the other day (Michaels. Ugh.). It was called ‘1lb of yarn’ and each bag had two big balls of yarn for $6.49 CAD. I think each ball probably has about 500 yards in it. 

UPDATE: Lol. Guys. You guys. Hey. Omg. So I was over halfway finished the front and I found a hole about 5 inches up from THE BOTTOM where I had dropped a stitch and then KNITTED OVER IT so I couldn’t even pick it up. I had to START AGAIN. hahahaha omg it’s just kinda turned into ‘that sweater’ now. 

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Holy I Haven’t Blogged In Ages

Christmas Craft Time!

Dudes, I have been soo busy. 

Last year we finally took the plunge and decided to move across Canada to warmer, happier climes. The process took wayyyy longer than we expected as we had some rather unexpected court issues to deal with in order to bring my son across with us. In the end, we won! Woot! Of course there was little doubt, but the stress it put on our family was something that took a long time to get over. 

The good news is that things are finally feeling normal again! I have two jobs now -one I kinda hate and one I totally love! The one I love; I work at Stokes! Omg it’s amazing. My co-workers are like a family, the store is gorgeous, the work is fun… it’s really amazing. I have shocked to have found a retail job that doesn’t feel or behave like retail. 

I think it’s because my manager is not only an amazing person, but she seems to have a third sense about people so she put together an amazing team. That and she knows what she’s doing on the business side of things :P I hope Stokes appreciates her as much as we do.

Ok, moving on; I have started to TRY and find time to do little Christmas crafts again. Sadly, I have had ZERO time to work on my doll customs but I hope that I can clear up some regular time for that in the new year. I have one that I was working on in the summer that is begging to be complete – she is SO beautiful!! – but she is going to have to wait a bit longer. 

Anyway, I wanted to share a post I came across today because the craft is so beautiful. I hope I can make a few for gifts this year (if I can get over to the art store without forgetting what I went for lol).  Enjoy the craft! It’s beautiful and the post is really well written.



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Frozen World

We woke up yesterday to a Snow Day! My kiddo was super happy because a Snow Day means there is no school!

Enjoy the following pics we scoped out together in our yard :)

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I Have No Idea

I want to blog, but I don’t know what to blog about today.

I need to take a shower, but I am stalling on that. I will be making home-made turkey soup for dinner. I saved the turkeybird carcass at Thanksgiving and finally feel like using it although there isn’t very much actually meat left so I will add some chicken to it after the broth-a-makin is done.

Oh! I know something I wanted to discuss; Artists I know! But not right now.

I uploaded some awesome new pictures on my Flickr! Here is my current favourite of my doggie that I put on there:

My bestest ever friend pointed out that although he barely has any hair, and although he is very tiny and even though he is wearing the girliest necklace possible; He still manages to look masculine. He totally rocks this necklace. He does look a bit accusatory though…

Christmas is coming! I can’t wait to post pictures of our home for that. We have some pretty hodge podge decorations and most of them are realllly old -not the good old- and they have that old people smell… but we love our stuff anyway. Last year Micheals -the art store I HATE HATE HATE (strong words!)- had a sale on their fabulous artificial pointsettas and they really make the house look fabulous. I strongly recommend them. Lots of them. But only buy them on sale. Mine were about a$1.00 each. I wasn’t going to buy them, but I did and I am so glad. They really rich the place up! Here is what I did with them on the mantle last year, among with our tree and prezzies!! It’s daytime (I can’t find the night pics) so you can’t see the beautiful glowing lights sprinkled in there.

It is NOT too much. You shut your mouth.

And here is a picture of me claiming the biggest present. Which WAS for me concidentally…

Here is a crappy picture of our door wreath from the outside and what we see on the inside!

And finally, here is a picture of a fresh blanket of snow from an upstairs window! Keep in mind, this is all from last year :)

Well. For a blog I didn’t know what to blog in, this turned into a bit of a fiasco…

Shower time. I hope there’s enough hot water because I put a load in the washer and chose to do it on the warm setting. Because THAT is so interesting for you to know….

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