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Another Dorthe Skappel Sweater!

Well, if I am to be really honest, the title should read “Another Dorthe Skappel Sweater And Then Three More” 


5.5 hrs of knitting yesterday and I have to start again. 4th times a charm?!

Why 4 you ask? I used the size US 10 knitting needles and found the stitches to be too small. I want a cozy, chunky, bulky sweater so I went up a size. It was still too fine knit, so, I knit it again. That’s the one on the left that you see below. The one on the left is on the 10.5 needles and has a 7.5cm ribbing.


I was curious to see what it would look like even bigger so I used needles sized 13 and skipped the ribbing. 


I love it. It’s crazy soft and the perfect thickness! ….except I knit it way to wide!! GAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
I think I need to cast on 60 instead of 80. It’s so wide. I could make a sleeping bag and fit two people in it. So I guess I’m frogging it and starting again!

Here is a photo of how wide this sucker is, before I unravel it. 


That’s 80 stitches on size 13 needles with yarn that’s about 4 or 4.5 yarn weight. It’s 74 cms!!! 29 inches. ALMOST 2.5 FEET. That’s just the front!!! So you can see why I’m pulling it all out. 

I really hope that this 4th time works out.
Feel free to send me help. 

Some info about the yarn: I got this super gorgeous forest green yarn at my nemesis the other day (Michaels. Ugh.). It was called ‘1lb of yarn’ and each bag had two big balls of yarn for $6.49 CAD. I think each ball probably has about 500 yards in it. 

UPDATE: Lol. Guys. You guys. Hey. Omg. So I was over halfway finished the front and I found a hole about 5 inches up from THE BOTTOM where I had dropped a stitch and then KNITTED OVER IT so I couldn’t even pick it up. I had to START AGAIN. hahahaha omg it’s just kinda turned into ‘that sweater’ now. 

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I finished the Dorthe Skappel sweater.. sort of..

Ok, so I finished the sweater a little over a week ago.

I decided to forgo the sleeves and just have a super loose tunic tank instead.
It’s actually really, really nice and I love it!

Here’s some crappy photos:

I snapped them really quick for my knitting buddy and I don’t feel like dolling myself up to take nicer ones for you guys. :P
I love it because it’s comfy, super duper super soft -like, really soft. I love this yarn!- and it’s such a pretty colour. I love that it’s sleeveless and I can mix and match it with so many things: T’s, tanks, light long sleeves…

I hate it because : It’s way too wide.
WAYYY too wide.
I thought that it might be because I decided to not double the yarn like the original pattern suggests, but after some pretty extensive googling I can see that it’s still a huge sweater and everyone’s seems to turn out this large. Which I LOVE normally, but because I am not over 6feet tall and supermodel thin (I think Dorthe’s daughters are? Which is why Maria’s looks so crazy stunning on her) the sweater just makes me look a bit chubby. It really looks best on The Skappels.

If it matters, I am 5’7″ and of very average size. No fat, no boobies, scrawny arms, a bit bubble butted..

(I’m stuffing an update in right here: The needle size. It turns out  I used one size 10.5 US. I THOUGHT it said 10 on it because I couldn’t see the .5. I think this makes a massive difference. I am happy I made this mistake because I know that using a bulkier yarn and this needle would make a great sweater!)

The yarn is 100% acrylic, and even though I knew that it wouldn’t shrink I washed it and put it on high heat in the dryer in the hopes that it would.
It didn’t shrink.
It DID tighten up the stitches a bit though! So that was a bit nicer. Not super noticable but enough that -I- noticed.

I am going to make this sweater again and again, with different yarns in different colours. I will post it every time.
BUT: The next time I make it I am going to cast on 60 instead of 80.

Ok, so here are some pictures of the sweater and the reason I did not make the sleeves.

As you can see from the first picture, I decided to try and make the bottom of the sleeve match the bottom of the body. Obviously… this didn’t work. I suspected it but I wanted to see just how bad this sweater could get.
What happened is, because there were less stitches to make the sleeves, the ombre colour change lasted longer.

You can see in the second picture that I turned the sleeve upside down to see what it would have looked like if I had reversed the colour. It would have been much better, but because I was already so done with this yarn I decided that I did not have the patience to redo the sleeve AND try and find the right colours of yarn in the massive mess that the yarn now is.
Check it:


Sorry it’s blurry.

So you can see why I just did not want to touch this yarn anymore or have anything else to do with it.  This pile got bigger after this picture too.
I had to literally dig inside of the rolls to find the right colour matches to make the sweater and there was no way in hell I was going to do that with this pile for two more sleeves with so many colour changes. (read my last two posts on this so I make more sense to you)
Fuck that shit.


LessonS learned. (Yes, I emphasize the S)

Oh- I didn’t take a photo of it but the side seams of this are totally hilarious. I matched up the front and back PERFECTLY on one side and totally missed the mark on the other. So it’s pretty askew on my left side and totally hilarious! I don’t know if people would notice or not because there are so many colours in this. Maybe I will take a pic sometime and add it below.

Also, I could probably crochet a trim around the neck and arms someday to give it more of a finished look but right now the thought of working on it again in any way is painful.

As a side note: The Lion Brand yarn I used for this is so crazy soft I do recommend using it for some sort of knitting project!

Some other notes: The great thing about this sweater is that you can use ANY size needle. All you would have to really do -I think- is alter the stitches up or down depending on the thickness of your yarn! More stitches for smaller needles, less stitches for bigger ones.

I think I spent about about $30 CAD on the yarn. I bought it at Micheals and it was on sale-buy three get a fourth free.

I’m making this again right now! WITH sleeves.
I chose a bag -yes. A BAG- or dark forest green yarn. It was $6.49 CAD and there are two balls in each. Pretty large too. If I had to guess I would say there is about 500 yards in each ball. The bags say ‘1Lb of yarn’ on them. I bought too. So it goes to show you can have this sweater and it will be gorgeous and you don’t have to spend over a hundred bucks on it. Mind you, as you knitters know, yarn has obvious quality differences, but it doesn’t mean that  you can’t look great for cheap :)

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Update to ‘Here’s some knitting yo” and also some math

You can see the precursor to this post in the post below this one. That’s a mouthful of a sentence.
Ehh, you’re all smart. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

FIRST OFF: If you are knitting the Dorthe Skappel sweater, check out some of the math I did at the end of this post for yardage ( I did it in meters but I don’t know the word for it. Meterage? That doesn’t sound like a word….)

Ok, UPDATE: I’ve decided to keep plugging away at it. I’m trying really hard to find the ombre match in each ball of yarn, cutting my current working yarn and tying on the next colour. It’s painful but it’s working!

I’ve decided that the ‘back’ I already knit will now become the front and I will turn this new messterpiece into the new back. This new piece is better anyway because the ribbing at the bottom seems thicker so it gives it the illusion that it’s longer than it really is. The pattern recommends making the back longer, which is the case in most of my clothes anyway.

I will have to undo the bind-off and tie on some new yarn to turn the old back into the front to add on the shoulders and neckline but it should be easy enough. I still have that ball of yarn I left off with.

The new back is on the right in each photo. Mmm candy corn.

That brighter patch you see on the new back piece is a patch of sunlight.
If you wondered, I have cut and tied three times so far, possibly four. The first one counts because I had to roll open a ball of yarn to find the right colour to start the ribbing with. It’s a tad bit darker, but you can’t tell in person. I had to just go with it because I knew I would never stick to this and it would just be an unfinished project that turns into a dog blanket.

So, now I have three and like, 1/3 balls of yarn lying about and I’m starting to wonder if I will have a ton left over.
Let’s do some math! Ewwwwww

The pattern calls for a grand whopping total of 2310m of yarn combined (both types of yarn used is this max total). 8 balls of 175m + 7 balls of 130m = 2310m. Ya?


If I were to only use ONE type of yarn, like I am doing, then I only need 1400m of yarn (I’m going with 8balls at 175m here because not having enough would suuuuuck).

I bought 4 balls of this Lion Brand stuff at 473m each and it totals 1892m. So I will have almost 2 balls left over! This turned out well because I will have to tear into each ball to get my ombre’s to match up.

Now, I suspect that next time I make this sweater -which I will- with lace yarn, I will just get 7 balls of 130m so I will only need 910m of yarn to make this sweater.


That is all.
Like, wtf you guys.
I’m gonna have about 982m of yarn left over. That’s definitely 2 balls and a bit extra. It’s too bad we have a gas fireplace cause it’s encased in a glass front, otherwise I would throw this extra shit right the fuck in there.

So anyway,  I am definitely making this sweater again and definitely telling you guys what the bare minimum you’re gonna need is.

Omg. Imagine if I went with like, 60 cast on instead of 80 holy shit….

BTW, I am totally holding copyright on the word messterpiece. It’s mine. I made it up. Don’t even tell me if you’ve heard it before cause you didn’t. I won’t believe you cause I made it up just now I did it it’s mine goodbye.


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