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Some of my favourite CHRISTMAS Ideas from Pinterest


Here are some of my favourite Christmas pins, some I can’t wait to try and some that I just like to look at and thought you might enjoy. 

I get most of my supplies from Michaels art stores in Canada. I find that they start coming out with their 50%off, 40% off, buy-one-get-one coupons starting now (Fall) and they usually go until January. So keep an eye out for those coupons and print them out or screenshot those suckers and save them on your phone. It makes shopping for supplies MUCH cheaper. I bought a bunch of glass globe ornaments to fill and paint and I got them for a great price. They were buy one get one 50% off and each pack had 5 glass globes in it. They were on sale to begin with, I think 5.99 a pack! 

You can find all of the pins below on my Christmas board here:
Joe Moxie’s Christmas board

I’m going to start with my favourite pin. I planned on making these last year- and even bought all the supplies!- but I just didn’t feel up to actually making them. Maybe this year! If I do, I will post them in a separate post.
Click the links below each photo for the DIY’s or the photo itself for the direct pin!

Mercury Glass Looking Ornaments from Frugal Homemaker

Glitter Mason Jar candles:

Glittery Mason Jars  The original link domain is gone so here is a good one to replace it.

A gorgeous tree
Beautiful pastel tree:

Snowy Crystal ornaments. Cover a glass ornament in glue and roll it in epsom salt. So easy!: Cover an ornament in glue or mod podge and roll it in epsom salt or glitter to make a lovely “snowy” crystal ornament!

A Beautiful Christmas Room
Christmas Tree:

Beautiful Winter #Christmas #decoration DIY Ideas. Follow the pin for links to projects shown. I want to do the glitter branches and make a great big centerpiece for our table! Could also do for #halloween in black, gold, purple, and silver.:
Amazing Glitter Branches!

http://www.pinkpistachio.com/let-it-snow/: Snow Globe Terrariums

Vintage Mica Snow Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Ornament #christmasornament: Snowed In: Vintage Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Ornament
If you have tiny ornaments, like deer or elves.., they too would look great in these snowy globes!

Here’s another one! 

Ive seen some of these on sale in stores this year. Make 'em, don't buy 'em! miniature streetlamp snow globe:
Romantic Snowy Night Lanterns

There's something special about a homemade Christmas stocking. Transform a favorite or thrifted sweater to Christmas stocking that will be treasured forever with this easy to follow tutorial :: Make a Sweater Stocking for Christmas with this 12 Step Tutorial.
I‘ve made these and they are terrific! A great way to use up old sweaters. I didn’t have any at the time so I went to the Thrift Store and snagged a few.

A Very Mice Christmas Pudding - Free Knitting Pattern - PDF Format - Click
The cutest Christmas Mouse

Pearl wired Christmas Ornaments, Rustic Chic Ornaments!  These clear, wired pearl filled, hemp string Christmas ornaments will be a great:
These ones link to Etsy to buy, but I think they would be super easy to make. Just wire pearl beads together and stuff them into a glass globe!

Another amazing tree
A Colorful Christmas Tree Idea! #gradient #christmas #tree:

So beautiful. Would love to design and glue a design band around a clear glass ornament.:
This one links to Neiman Marcus, but aren’t they gorgeous!? I imagine these would be easy to make a bit of glue, glitter, rhinestones or other sparkly bits.

Ok, that’s it for now. There’s a TON more ideas on my Pinterest if you wanted to check them out. I also like to pin ‘group’ pins. The kind that lead you to a site full of multiple DIY’s, like “30 ornaments to make” etc.. So check those out too!


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My Latest Dolly Is Complete And Everything You Need To Know About Her

Well, here she is!  She’s finally finished!

I present to you;

“Goldie: A Spoiled Pageant Princess With A Secret”

Goldie: A Spoiled Pageant Princess With A Secret

Goldie: A Spoiled Pageant Princess With A Secret

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Please also note that EVERYTHING is handmade by me! A LOT of time, effort and work went into creating this doll. 
I hope you love her as much as I do.   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Let us start with her story.

separator1-rotated (1)

there was a spoiled, self-entitled little brat named Goldie.  A beautiful self-entitled, spoiled little brat.

With her honey coloured locks and sparkling blue eyes, Goldie was easily the most beautiful child anyone had ever seen.  Goldie knew this, and her mother knew this.
Now, Goldie’s mother was not exactly the nicest person there was.
Or is.
Actually, she was probably the most horrible person there ever was.
Or is.
Goldie was a close second in this horribleness. But this wasn’t really her fault. After all, how can a child be blamed for what a parent has taught them? So horrible, bratty and bold she is.

Now, in her efforts to exploit Goldie’s beauty for her own means, Goldie’s mother continuously enters her in beauty pageants for children.  Poor Goldie has to forget about being a child and just bear through the absolute worst for these pageants.  Being poked and prodded, frizzed and curled, make-up caked on and scraped off, Botox arguments, corset fittings, photoshoots and people staring at her all the time while she does silly routines in ridiculous high heeled shoes… Goldie is at the end of her rope. She hates it. Oh she hates it all!

Sitting  in her luxury suite gives Goldie time to imagine. She imagines what it would be like to run away. To stop being near her horrible, torturous mother (who does many unmentionable things). And OH! How much more horrible life is now that her sister is no longer here to bear the brunt of it!

You see, Goldie had a sister.  A TWIN sister; Madison. Madison has her own story to tell, but the part that Goldie played in that story was a major one. Goldie was horrid to her sister. Just horrid. But it wasn’t really, truly Goldie’s fault. The worse Goldie was to Madison, the easier Mother was on Goldie. So a vicious cycle was born. But alas, Madison had herself emancipated from Mother and now it is just Goldie.
All alone Goldie.
And the worse part? The worst of it all?

Goldie loved Madison.

She truly, dearly loved her sister. It was awful for her to be horrid to her sister, never being able to tell her how she really felt. Having to keep it buried deep inside her. But you see, despite her anguish at the pain she caused her sister -and brought up to be the self-entitled bratty child that she was- she chose the lesser of two evils; Have Mother be horrid to her, or she could be horrid to Madison… Well, she chose the easy route.  And now Madison was gone and Goldie was getting it all.

But one day… She was done. Goldie had enough.
So she left.
Away she ran into the forest! Stumbling, tripping, getting oh so dirty! When finally, after hours of aimless running, she was good and lost. That was when she came upon a home, deep in those woods.  Goldie, ignoring that fact that no one was home and being ever so hungry and tired as she was, immediately went inside (without knocking of course. After all, manners weren’t her forte), and felt safer than she had ever felt in her life.
… for now…
So now Goldie needs someone to keep her safe.
To teach her the real and true values of life.
To have someone teach her that it is ok to love, and be loved.
To have her happily ever after.

The End

separator1-rotated (1)
Some of you may know Goldie’s sister Madison–a doll I previously customized who has been adopted.  May she bring her new mom much joy and happiness!  If you are interested in Madison’s history and her association with Goldie, click here: MADISON

Now a little bit about the doll herself!

Goldie started off as a boring and messy little doll that had stiff rubbery limbs.  I have done the following to make her perfect:
Hair: Goldie is a bit of a fuzz head, but she has beautiful, gloriously soft and hand-dyed honey-coloured mohair. Goldie’s hair is side parted at the front is is able to be styled in a multiude of different ways. Her hair is NOT meant to be brushed but can be hand styled. If you have experience in caring for mohair dolls, you can gently wash and condition her hair. Please make sure you know about mohair care before doing so. I have already washed and conditioned Goldie’s hair. Please note that mohair is prone to natural shedding.
Face: Goldie’s face has had her factory make-up removed and was then smoothly sand-matted to remove the super shine.  Her mouth and philtrum have been carved, as has her nose -which has been carefully reshaped.  She was then given a coat of MSC flat, a face-up (done in pageant make-up style with pink, bronze, and gold shimmer, including water coloured delicate lower lashes), and another coat of MSC flat.  She also has a sweet little dimple on her left cheek–perfect for the pageant stage!
Eyelids: Goldie’s eyelids are her best feature.  I removed her factory make-up then sand-matted her eyelids, applied a coat of MSC Flat, then painted her lids shimmery gold. I then liberally applied fine golden glitter and let it dry. Then I added glitter a few more times to make them perfect and to really make her lids stand out and sparkle. And VOILA! Golden glitter encrusted eyelids!! I really can’t express how ultimately sparkly they are. I am really pleased with the result.
Eyes: Goldie has four sets of eyes that you can change manually by pulling the pull-string on the back of her head.  The colours of her eyes are deep sky blue, aquamarine, golden glittered pale pink, and (my favourite) ocean blue antique glass button eyes rimmed with a layer of golden glitter.  Goldie has also been given sleep-eyes. 
Lips: Goldie’s lips are pageant pink with a slight sparkle to them, and finished in a super high gloss.
Eyelashes: Goldie’s ugly plastic eyelashes have been replaced with delicate soft, long eyelashes.
Body: Goldie has a super tiny, super cute, fully posable body.  She can twist her head from side to side.  It is a Picco Neemo XS.  Her body measures only 13CM!  From head to toe, Goldie measures only 19.5CM!  Goldie is considered a 1/12th size doll.  Goldie’s hands are removable and can be replaced with compatible Picco Neemo XS flesh tone hands.
Pull-strings: Goldie’s original pull-strings have been replaced with gold cord. On the end of one pull-string dangles antique glass pearls fastened on chain link and a sparkling rhinestone pendant.  The other pull-string has a shimmering golden key decorated with super sparkly rhinestones with a huge one in the center. They capture and reflect the light beautifully!
♦Please remember; When pulling Goldie’s strings to change her eye colour to grasp her HEAD ONLY and not her body.  Her tiny neck is not as strong as us big humans!♦
Goldie comes with her own fully furnished and decorated luxury suite.  A suite made perfect to her tastes because  after all, she is spoiled. Mother has to keep her (somewhat) happy somehow. No one wants to see stress wrinkles on a pageant queen after all!
The box is hinged, latched, and embellished (see pics).  Goldie’s wallpaper is cream with shining golden brocade print.  The ceiling is an incredibly reflective golden paper, the floor wood (paper)!  Inside is her permanently affixed furnishings: A high-boy dresser painted a pearlized hot pink. On the other side of her suite is Goldie’s very own personal fireplace.  On warm summer nights, Goldie likes to place her candles in the fireplace for light, or as a beautiful decorative accent. She chooses fireplace logs in the coldest nights of winter.  Her suite is also decorated with various works of art.  On one side of her room hangs an assemblage of pictures from the original Goldilocks and The 3 Bears. Over the mantle hangs a glorious picture of Goldilocks, while on a side wall hangs a lithograph, also of Goldilocks.

Clothing: All of Goldie’s clothing was entirely designed and hand constructed by me.  I am including a FULL WARDROBE for Goldie! She has a total of 13 items.  She comes with:

– 1 gold necklace with golden heart pendant
– 1 sparkling deep blue Formal Pageant Gown decorated with golden beads and glass stars
– 1 Christmastime Pageant Dress
– 1 Main Pageant Dress, fully lined and decorated with silk roses, satin ruffle trim and huge white satin bow in the back. It is made with 100% pure silk and does up in back.
– 1 pair of matching 100% silk bloomers with white satin trim and elastic waist for under the Main Pageant Dress
– 1 pair of white socks decorated with teeny tiny bows and pearls
– 1 pair of glorious high heel shoes made from 100% silk (purchased from an outside source)
– 1 pair of white knee-high boots
– 1 golden knit, off-shoulder mini dress
– 1 Flashdance Outfit with greay off-shoulder sweatshirt and black scrunched leggings. Goldie’s talent is dancing. She does the all the dances from Flashdance in her Pageants. Please note that you need to remove Goldie’s hands to pull on the sweater. It’s quite easy!
– 1 pair of super cute and super tiny nylon stockings
– 1  pair of soft pink leggwarmers
– 1 hot pink ostritch feather boa (just for fun!)
 If you want more clothing or accessories, or anything for your doll houses I take orders upon request!

Accessories: Goldie comes with a *lot* of accessories. The are as follows;

– 3 hand crocheted area rugs
– 1 handmade purple 100% silk velvet diary with real pages in a light pretty pink.
– 5 tiny paper dollhouses
– 2 teeny tiny dolls
– 1 handmade terrarium filled with reindeer moss and a tiny handmade fairy mushroom house
– 1 real working dollhouse lamp with battery cord. Due to shipping restrictions I cannot include a battery with this item. It takes one 9 volt battery (the rectangle ones)
– 1 metal birdcage that opens
– 1 glass bird
– 1 tiny pink teddy bear with pink bow. Perfect for Goldie to snuggle!
– 1 pink camera with shutter sound and real flash!
– 1 golden coffee urn with matching golden round tray and golden goblet
– 1 tiny tart
– 1 french bread ring
– 1 tiny glass corked bottle filled with glass irridescent ‘fairy balls’ (SO pretty!)
– 1 tiny glass and corked bottle of ‘diamonds’ (clear, sparkling and aurora borealis rhinestones)
– 1 stack of fireplace logs
– 1 storybook with real pages
– 6 ‘books’ for decoration (binding only, no papers but you can put some in!)
– 7 teeny tiny miniature candles
– 1 miniature storage box
– 1 Pageant Crown in sparkling silver tinsel and decorated with hot pink tulle, white tulle and a sparkling rhinestone heart
– 1 rhinestone tiara hair pin
– 1 red satin hair bow with alligator clip
– 1 stack of miniature reproduction TinTypes/Dageurreotypes (photographs) wrapped in stain ribbons; a total of TWENTY-SIX. Please read for how these are made for you:              Each photo has been individually created by being miniaturized then hand cut and glued onto a cardstock backing to add solidarity to each photo and to make them easy to prop up. I then hand glazed each photo with a tiny brush to add realism! Some of the photos have a matte glaze and some have a super high gloss.

♥Goldie also comes with a FREE GIFT! Her very own 3 Bears! These bears can be used as props, for her to snuggle and play with, as friends, or you can even use the doll box as their home!♥

♦ For a ton of more pictures of Goldie, please visit my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mizzmoxie/

♦ Please send all enquiries to joebreeze (at) hotmail.com


♦ Goldie’s price is $700 USD, plus shipping with signature confirmation and tracking.  I will not ship her any other way.

♦ If you are interested in purchasing Goldie, please make sure you can pay by Paypal.  I accept lay-away plans (to be negotiated privately).  Depending on reception, I may or may not list her on eBay.  Should I decide, I will notify people here, on my Facebook Page, Flickr, etc.
♦ Please email if interested and wait for an invoice. I like to do things the right way! This protects my buyers. My email is joebreeze (at ) hotmail.com


Shipping this listing to anywhere in North America is a flat rate of $55.00. This includes Tracking and Signature Confirmation. This is the only option.

Australia, New Zealand and Europe: $60.00 (Includes Signature Confirmation)

United Kingdom: $55.00 (Includes Signature Confirmation)

I will refund any shipping money remaining!


♦As this is a custom doll, I cannot remake her or sell her again if she has been previously sold. Due to the nature of this work  there are no refunds, exchanges or returns for this item, so please be sure you want her before buying. Once your order has been placed it cannot be cancelled. All sales are final and no payment is refundable. Thank you for your understanding.

And lastly; THANK YOU. Creating these OOAK dolls and their homes is a phenomenal experience for me. Your kind words and feedback are more appreciated then you might realize ♥☺☺☺♥ My projects are something that my whole family contributes to and have A LOT of fun doing. Be assured that all of my creations have a lot of ‘good feelings’ attached to them and I hope they rub off on you! :)

If you have any questions or comments about myself or this project please do not hesitate to ask!! I love people and I love talking!

Cheers, Love and Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

♥♥♥Please note that I am still new at this. Goldie is the second custom art doll I have ever created. Being handmade she will have slight differences and tiny imperfections. I hope you will view these as part of her personality and accept them as part of creating something unique. I put a lot of love -really!- and attention into my work and strive to create things that are as perfect as possible. Creating these dollies is truly one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I hope Goldie’s new owner loves and cares for her as much as I do. ♥♥♥

Beautiful Girl

Beautiful Girl

Healthy stalking of me is accepted in the following places:

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Sneak Peeks Of Goldie’s Stuff and A Picture of Bernardo

I’ve been creatin’ up a mad storm! Goldie’s room box still has to be made but it can wait a few more days because I still have more accessories to make. So far though, I have made A LOT. This girl is going to have the best of everything! Lots of clothing to choose from , wall decorations, room accessories and furniture!  Some of the decorations I have completed are a fabulous floral wreath, Goldie’s 3 bears – Daddy bear, Mommy bear and Baby bear, a tiny pink bear to snuggle, two dressers and a fireplace.

Now, about the items;

The 3 bears are soo sweet! Baby bear wears a pretty blue bow, Mommy wears a tiny little apron -that you can remove if you wish! But I wouldn’t because re-tying the tiny bows would be difficult, if you wanted bows again- and Daddy wears a little brown faux suede vest that you can remove. All the bears are fully poseable and if you are feeling fussy enough, they can stand on their own.

Goldie’s wreath;

LOTS and lots of artificial flowers, sparkled stamens, pink ribbon bows…. all hand wired around a frame. It took me a day to make and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The fireplace;

This item is the COOLEST.  I sanded the inner area and painted it a lovely gold. I did the decorative finials too. The grate in front of the fireplace can be removed to leave you with a variety of decorating options! It also comes with the teeny candles I made ( blogged at an earlier date HERE) and tiny handmade fireplace logs (HERE). You can leave the grate in for either, prop it at the side or use it as a tiny ladder or as a prop to hang tiny dolly things on!! So cute! I may or may not decide to use the fireplace though. It all depends on how things fit together in the end. But chances are more than likely that I will.

The wallpaper;

Did you SEE the wallpaper!? It’s a gold brocade design and it’s amazing.

The dressers;

Now, I will only be using one of these dressers. They have been sanded, repaired, holes and spaces filled, knobs re-glued where necessary, and painted with 3-4 coats of Martha Stewart’s ‘Fruit Punch’ pink paint. It has a glorious pearlized sheen to it! I then glossed them with super gloss twice.  I have not decided which one yet she will have yet. As I stated above, depending on if I use the fireplace will depend on if I use both dressers or just one. I DO want to use the fireplace though! Fingers crossed!

So now on to the pictures!

Goldie's gorgeous floral wreath

Goldie’s gorgeous floral wreath

Goldie's fabulous dressers

Goldie’s fabulous dressers

Goldie's 3 Bears

Goldie’s 3 Bears

Sample fun with the fireplace

Sample fun with the fireplace

Now, here is a picture of Bernardo enjoy the snowstorm we had on Monday. He was ecstatic!

Sweet Bernardo In The Snowstorm

Sweet Bernardo In The Snowstorm

Thanks for reading! More pictures will be posted as I progress.

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Super Huge Update

I have been SO busy! It’s been awesome.  Prepare thyself for mine update.

Ok, so first off I would like to talk about the amazing little ‘pod things’ I bought on Etsy. I honestly don’t know what they are called. It doesn’t matter. The point is, I bought them from a seller called Intirado and they are great.  She was really great to work with because I was a bit of a difficult customer when I was trying to figure out what I wanted. Eventually I just said; “You know what? Just give me one of everything you have”. Plus I bought two other listings too. I haven’t received them yet and am just SOO anxious to get them! I check the mailbox every day even though I know it is still too soon.
So, what am I going to do with these little, fabulous things? I am making tiny terrariums out of them for my doll houses! I’ve already collected the moss and made a ton of super cute things for them.  Observe:

Terrarium Fillers

Terrarium Fillers

Yes, in the last picture that is a teeny window box with two teeny mushrooms in it. They are so small my hubs almost had to use a magnifying glass to see them!

I will also be making a few with the teeny candles I made that I blogged about previously. If you are wondering where I got the ideas for these; Well I knew what I wanted but I was feeling just so lazy about creating them that I scoped out a few places where people make really cool fairy houses and mushroom homes etc.. So I googled that and found this shop: bewilderandpine. It is SOO BEAUTIFUL! I emailed them along with pictures of the little houses I made that were inspired from theirs. Mine are MUCH crappier, but they should be. See if you can find the ones I was inspired by ;)

Here are a few more that I made from my own head;


The last pic (the little house) isn’t finished yet as I want to cover the roof with moss. That’s why it looks so lame.

Moving on;

Our best friends daughter celebrated her 4th birthday last weekend. I wanted to do something special for this sweet little girl -who has a wonderful, loving older sister. A few months back the amazing idea came to me  in the shower (where most of my amazing ideas happen:P ): I should make her a monster version of herself and stories to go with it! Thus, Molo was born! Molo stands for many things: Monster Lolo (her nickname), Monster Love and More Lolo (because people can’t get enough of this hilarious and adorable child). Plus, it’s fun to say. So I made the monster -with suggestions and feedback from the hubs- and wrote the stories – which hubs had to take over typing, editing, printing, scaling ….everything else. He also gave valuable ideas and suggestions for the stories. We wrote the last one in the book together.

Behold: The monster!

Having Fun With Molo

Having Fun With Molo

That is her big sister playing with Molo’s super long arms. It is SOO cute seeing little Lolo dragging him around with his arms trailing behind them and Molo looks SO happy ♥

Molo is made with deep purple velvet, stretchy cotton, non-stretch cotton and embellishments (check out his hot pink furry feet!) There are three stories in all in the book. Each one has a family member from Lolo’s real family: a mommy in one, a daddy in another and a sister in the last. The last story is the best one :) It has Molo and Lolo riding a hot air balloon, cotton candy, a lost sister and saving the day.

Each name is highlighted so that she can recognize the names and it makes it more fun. We also used tons of bright colours and fonts to keep it interesting for her. There are also a few illustrations to go along with the stories. We also put in morals and the like -I’m into that stuff.

The first page is a double sided sheet for her mommy to add pictures of Molo and Lolo together! Or whoever she wants in her book.


Now on to Goldie.

She is finally finished!  I still have to make her home (huge taskl) and take and edit about a million pictures, but the hard parts are done and I can breathe a bit again! Sooo happy :)
In this picture you can see her: mohair re-root, styled pageant hair and complete face-up that includes eyelashes, special technique glittered lids, eye shadows in pink, bronze and gold shimmer, light blushing and high gloss lips. Her lips have been carved as has her nose, nostrils and philtrum and she has a sweet little dimple! The camera didn’t do well catching it but I’m sure it will show up better in later pics.

Gorgeous Girl

Gorgeous Girl

Whenever I’m working on a new doll, or have to store one for a bit I put them in these cute glasses we have. It keeps their hair from getting crimped, their bodies straight, their outfits wrinkle free and the best part: THEY DON’T TIP OVER. Like those blasted stands. GARR!
The glasses are the perfect size and they look adorable when I pose them with their arms resting on the lip :)
…please ignore the lack of pants.


Ok I want to get this done so super fast writing:
Bernardo arrived in the post the other day!! Oh he is ever so fabulous! Check him out:

Sweet Bernardo

Sweet Bernardo

As I said on my Facebook Page and Flickr, he arrived with a voracius appetite, a hankering for cheese and was super excited to be out in the snowstorm. He just loves the snow (he is a winter child) so living in Canada is the perfect place for him. Isn’t he wonderful?! The whole family just adores him.
He is made by doll artist Anastasia Georgiu. You can haunt her here:




I highly encourage you to check her out. She is a tremendous person and amazing artist.

Two last things:

I finally got my business cards done! The hubs did all the work, I gave my input and VOILA!


Front and Back

And lastly; Check out the fireplace logs miniatures I made for dollhouse fireplaces! I have 4 fireplaces coming to me in the mail and I can’t wait to see how they look in them. Goldie will have the option of putting a selection of candles in hers, or the logs. I don’t know if this is the type of thing someone would want to buy? Personally, I was floored at how expensive it was to buy them from anywhere, so I just went out, found some sticks and glued my own.

Doll House fireplace logs

Doll House fireplace logs



What a catch up! I really shouldn’t do this again. But I probably will. A leopard can’t change it’s spots.


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Bye Bye Madison, Hello Goldie!

I am on to my next dolly!!

It is with a happy heart that I bid Madison adieu and happy travels to her new home. She will be VERY happy there as the doll that inspired her… is now to be her new sister!!! I am soooo pleased! What a happy time!! :)

Madison did go kind of loopy when I told her -as I suspected she would – and drew all sorts of creepy pictures. As is her way. Bless her little heart!

So now, I am on to my next doll. Madison’s sister Goldie!

Here is a sneak peak at her honey coloured soon-to-be locks and a pair of wee socks made especially for her by a seller on Etsy. I don’t want to name her as she requested I keep silent because she doesn’t normally do custom requests. I feel so honoured! So these are one-of-a-kind little socks for sure. They are so teensy! I hope you can appreciate the tiny work that went into making them.

Goldie's Honey Locks Goldies Teensy PomPom socks

What do you think? Is anyone out there excited!?

Just to get your hearts racing a little more; Goldie is to be a pageant princess and she too will have her own dollhouse/room/box!  I will be doing her room in golds, creams, pale yellows and hopefully palest blues.


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