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Some of my favourite CHRISTMAS Ideas from Pinterest


Here are some of my favourite Christmas pins, some I can’t wait to try and some that I just like to look at and thought you might enjoy. 

I get most of my supplies from Michaels art stores in Canada. I find that they start coming out with their 50%off, 40% off, buy-one-get-one coupons starting now (Fall) and they usually go until January. So keep an eye out for those coupons and print them out or screenshot those suckers and save them on your phone. It makes shopping for supplies MUCH cheaper. I bought a bunch of glass globe ornaments to fill and paint and I got them for a great price. They were buy one get one 50% off and each pack had 5 glass globes in it. They were on sale to begin with, I think 5.99 a pack! 

You can find all of the pins below on my Christmas board here:
Joe Moxie’s Christmas board

I’m going to start with my favourite pin. I planned on making these last year- and even bought all the supplies!- but I just didn’t feel up to actually making them. Maybe this year! If I do, I will post them in a separate post.
Click the links below each photo for the DIY’s or the photo itself for the direct pin!

Mercury Glass Looking Ornaments from Frugal Homemaker

Glitter Mason Jar candles:

Glittery Mason Jars  The original link domain is gone so here is a good one to replace it.

A gorgeous tree
Beautiful pastel tree:

Snowy Crystal ornaments. Cover a glass ornament in glue and roll it in epsom salt. So easy!: Cover an ornament in glue or mod podge and roll it in epsom salt or glitter to make a lovely “snowy” crystal ornament!

A Beautiful Christmas Room
Christmas Tree:

Beautiful Winter #Christmas #decoration DIY Ideas. Follow the pin for links to projects shown. I want to do the glitter branches and make a great big centerpiece for our table! Could also do for #halloween in black, gold, purple, and silver.:
Amazing Glitter Branches!

http://www.pinkpistachio.com/let-it-snow/: Snow Globe Terrariums

Vintage Mica Snow Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Ornament #christmasornament: Snowed In: Vintage Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Ornament
If you have tiny ornaments, like deer or elves.., they too would look great in these snowy globes!

Here’s another one! 

Ive seen some of these on sale in stores this year. Make 'em, don't buy 'em! miniature streetlamp snow globe:
Romantic Snowy Night Lanterns

There's something special about a homemade Christmas stocking. Transform a favorite or thrifted sweater to Christmas stocking that will be treasured forever with this easy to follow tutorial :: Make a Sweater Stocking for Christmas with this 12 Step Tutorial.
I‘ve made these and they are terrific! A great way to use up old sweaters. I didn’t have any at the time so I went to the Thrift Store and snagged a few.

A Very Mice Christmas Pudding - Free Knitting Pattern - PDF Format - Click
The cutest Christmas Mouse

Pearl wired Christmas Ornaments, Rustic Chic Ornaments!  These clear, wired pearl filled, hemp string Christmas ornaments will be a great:
These ones link to Etsy to buy, but I think they would be super easy to make. Just wire pearl beads together and stuff them into a glass globe!

Another amazing tree
A Colorful Christmas Tree Idea! #gradient #christmas #tree:

So beautiful. Would love to design and glue a design band around a clear glass ornament.:
This one links to Neiman Marcus, but aren’t they gorgeous!? I imagine these would be easy to make a bit of glue, glitter, rhinestones or other sparkly bits.

Ok, that’s it for now. There’s a TON more ideas on my Pinterest if you wanted to check them out. I also like to pin ‘group’ pins. The kind that lead you to a site full of multiple DIY’s, like “30 ornaments to make” etc.. So check those out too!


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Another Dorthe Skappel Sweater!

Well, if I am to be really honest, the title should read “Another Dorthe Skappel Sweater And Then Three More” 


5.5 hrs of knitting yesterday and I have to start again. 4th times a charm?!

Why 4 you ask? I used the size US 10 knitting needles and found the stitches to be too small. I want a cozy, chunky, bulky sweater so I went up a size. It was still too fine knit, so, I knit it again. That’s the one on the left that you see below. The one on the left is on the 10.5 needles and has a 7.5cm ribbing.


I was curious to see what it would look like even bigger so I used needles sized 13 and skipped the ribbing. 


I love it. It’s crazy soft and the perfect thickness! ….except I knit it way to wide!! GAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
I think I need to cast on 60 instead of 80. It’s so wide. I could make a sleeping bag and fit two people in it. So I guess I’m frogging it and starting again!

Here is a photo of how wide this sucker is, before I unravel it. 


That’s 80 stitches on size 13 needles with yarn that’s about 4 or 4.5 yarn weight. It’s 74 cms!!! 29 inches. ALMOST 2.5 FEET. That’s just the front!!! So you can see why I’m pulling it all out. 

I really hope that this 4th time works out.
Feel free to send me help. 

Some info about the yarn: I got this super gorgeous forest green yarn at my nemesis the other day (Michaels. Ugh.). It was called ‘1lb of yarn’ and each bag had two big balls of yarn for $6.49 CAD. I think each ball probably has about 500 yards in it. 

UPDATE: Lol. Guys. You guys. Hey. Omg. So I was over halfway finished the front and I found a hole about 5 inches up from THE BOTTOM where I had dropped a stitch and then KNITTED OVER IT so I couldn’t even pick it up. I had to START AGAIN. hahahaha omg it’s just kinda turned into ‘that sweater’ now. 

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Holy I Haven’t Blogged In Ages

Christmas Craft Time!

Dudes, I have been soo busy. 

Last year we finally took the plunge and decided to move across Canada to warmer, happier climes. The process took wayyyy longer than we expected as we had some rather unexpected court issues to deal with in order to bring my son across with us. In the end, we won! Woot! Of course there was little doubt, but the stress it put on our family was something that took a long time to get over. 

The good news is that things are finally feeling normal again! I have two jobs now -one I kinda hate and one I totally love! The one I love; I work at Stokes! Omg it’s amazing. My co-workers are like a family, the store is gorgeous, the work is fun… it’s really amazing. I have shocked to have found a retail job that doesn’t feel or behave like retail. 

I think it’s because my manager is not only an amazing person, but she seems to have a third sense about people so she put together an amazing team. That and she knows what she’s doing on the business side of things :P I hope Stokes appreciates her as much as we do.

Ok, moving on; I have started to TRY and find time to do little Christmas crafts again. Sadly, I have had ZERO time to work on my doll customs but I hope that I can clear up some regular time for that in the new year. I have one that I was working on in the summer that is begging to be complete – she is SO beautiful!! – but she is going to have to wait a bit longer. 

Anyway, I wanted to share a post I came across today because the craft is so beautiful. I hope I can make a few for gifts this year (if I can get over to the art store without forgetting what I went for lol).  Enjoy the craft! It’s beautiful and the post is really well written.



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Bye Bye Madison, Hello Goldie!

I am on to my next dolly!!

It is with a happy heart that I bid Madison adieu and happy travels to her new home. She will be VERY happy there as the doll that inspired her… is now to be her new sister!!! I am soooo pleased! What a happy time!! :)

Madison did go kind of loopy when I told her -as I suspected she would – and drew all sorts of creepy pictures. As is her way. Bless her little heart!

So now, I am on to my next doll. Madison’s sister Goldie!

Here is a sneak peak at her honey coloured soon-to-be locks and a pair of wee socks made especially for her by a seller on Etsy. I don’t want to name her as she requested I keep silent because she doesn’t normally do custom requests. I feel so honoured! So these are one-of-a-kind little socks for sure. They are so teensy! I hope you can appreciate the tiny work that went into making them.

Goldie's Honey Locks Goldies Teensy PomPom socks

What do you think? Is anyone out there excited!?

Just to get your hearts racing a little more; Goldie is to be a pageant princess and she too will have her own dollhouse/room/box!  I will be doing her room in golds, creams, pale yellows and hopefully palest blues.


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Ebay Is Evil AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH But I maybe fixed it I think maybe yes but I don’t know

So the story starts of as such:

I am so unhappy

My listing on Ebay was showing no interest and I took a really good look at it. It turns out it isn’t showing up on Ebay AT ALL. I called Ebay and they tried too and don’t know what is wrong. It WAS showing up then nothing. Now I have to wait 72 hours for them to look into it and get back to me. At that time my listing will have expired. At least they admitted it was their fault.
I worked really hard on it. I spent MONTHS planning it, getting my supplies together and actually making it. A LOT of time and work went into this project, and money too! To have Ebay just screw me over like this is just the worst. On top of that the shipping options won’t let me ship to Canada. I LIVE in Canada! And the worldwide shipping option? Nope. They give you all the options but then when you hit enter, it says it only ships to USA.

I feel so sorry for myself today :( I am really, really unhappy.
And then:
Ok. So after ages on the phone, some tears and awesome hugs from Jim I had to delete the old listing. I lost all the people who were watching it and still have to pay the fees associated with it.
 I did re-list and have to pay more fees n shizz but at least now the listing is showing up in searches, the shipping is A-Ok and I have one watcher! That is good. This time around, it feels right. There was something ‘off’ last time and I am so glad I really looked into it and figured out it was the ‘not showing up in searches AT ALL’ thing.  I am still kinda unhappy because it doesn’t just go away but I think after a bath with some candles and some lunch I will be feeling better.

Madison is now here:  http://t.co/yG4KkIkj

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