Here’s some knitting yo

I’m knitting the Dorthe Skappel sweater RIGHT NOW and I love it. It can get monotonous but it goes by so quick and I can watch my favourite shows while I make it! So there’s not really any messing up happening and I’m able to zone out AND I will have a great sweater!

I’m a beginner(ish) knitter and this sweater is really inspiring me to keep up with this new(ish) hobby. (I started knitting when I was a kid and have only ever made scarves in garter).

There are PLENTY of sources out there now for the english version but this is where I found English that works for me. I ended up using two different peoples version of the same sweater. I found it helped to have both.

I haven’t quite grasped the ability to knit in the round yet on circular needles (I am thinking that I should choose wood next time over the slippery as eff metal ones) so I am using size 10.5 needles (big fatties) instead and just cramming the sweater on.

I also decided not to double up the yarn and make this sweater loose, airy and light so fitting the 80 stitches on the straight needles is super easy.
Actually, I think I could do it even if I choose to double the yarn like the pattern says.

So just another warning: Because this sweater is knit in four different parts, DO NOT use ombre yarn for this unless the yarn is EXTREMELY consistent!
The yarn I chose is really random in the ombre dye colour change. I realized what was happening after I made the front piece.

Tra la la was happily knitting until it was done and then I was like..”Ohhhhh. SHIT. How do I make the back the same as the front so the colours match up and I don’t look like I’m wearing a patchwork quilt from the 70’s?”
So I after I knit the bottom edge ribbing I decided it would be no problem because I could just cut the yarn and add on the yarn from where the ombre colour change begins again in the same pattern/dye.
No such chance. The yarn I chose has RANDOM COLOUR CHANGE. OMG you guys.
Is there a way to know this BEFORE choosing a ton of yarns for a project?
So now I am unsure if I should start a new sweater or just have this one be patchwork and probably never wear it. It is my first sweater though and with that the fact that I am learning is what’s important. I just kinda hoped I could wear it too :P

Does anyone even like patchwork!?

Btw the yarn I am using IS gorgeous and soft and I love it but don’t look for consistency if you are planning on using more than one ball- Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball Healing Teal.

I IS gorgeous. Just wish the whole thing could be consistent.
I’ll add more pictures when it’s done.


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