Holy I Haven’t Blogged In Ages

Christmas Craft Time!

Dudes, I have been soo busy. 

Last year we finally took the plunge and decided to move across Canada to warmer, happier climes. The process took wayyyy longer than we expected as we had some rather unexpected court issues to deal with in order to bring my son across with us. In the end, we won! Woot! Of course there was little doubt, but the stress it put on our family was something that took a long time to get over. 

The good news is that things are finally feeling normal again! I have two jobs now -one I kinda hate and one I totally love! The one I love; I work at Stokes! Omg it’s amazing. My co-workers are like a family, the store is gorgeous, the work is fun… it’s really amazing. I have shocked to have found a retail job that doesn’t feel or behave like retail. 

I think it’s because my manager is not only an amazing person, but she seems to have a third sense about people so she put together an amazing team. That and she knows what she’s doing on the business side of things :P I hope Stokes appreciates her as much as we do.

Ok, moving on; I have started to TRY and find time to do little Christmas crafts again. Sadly, I have had ZERO time to work on my doll customs but I hope that I can clear up some regular time for that in the new year. I have one that I was working on in the summer that is begging to be complete – she is SO beautiful!! – but she is going to have to wait a bit longer. 

Anyway, I wanted to share a post I came across today because the craft is so beautiful. I hope I can make a few for gifts this year (if I can get over to the art store without forgetting what I went for lol).  Enjoy the craft! It’s beautiful and the post is really well written.



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