Pink & Gold Box Room Dollhouse: Available Now!


$250.00 CAD + Shipping, Ships World Wide

Hi all!

My latest box room dollhouse is complete, ready to show off and find an owner!  I will try and keep this as short as possible because there is SO much to tell you about this box.

The box is painted a very pretty pale pink and has a sparkling pearlized finish.  The box ties shut with hot pink satin ribbons attached by two brass holders and has a hinged lid/door.

Inside the box is a wonderful selection of handmade and carefully selected items that are all removable (nothing is glued down except the two framed photos on the wall), The interior also has gorgeous ‘wallpapers’ and cherry wood floors! Yes! Cherry! 17

The wallpapers are: Pure gold, sparkling gold and gold printed creams. They truly are beautiful and I am very happy with them. HOLY WOW do they ever glow and sparkle too!18

Ok. Now to tell you about all the goodies included in this gorgeous room!4

I will start with the items I handmade myself:

-a truly beautiful wreath hangs on the ‘bedroom door’
-a handpainted wooden console and dresser in hot pink and gold, sealed with super gloss!
-two teensy handmade paper boxes
-one teensy handmade paper gingerbread house
-two super soft crocheted area rugs
-two framed photographs (permanently attached to the wall). The frames can be purchased individually in my Etsy shop too! The photos in the frames are miniaturized and printed by me, also the family photograph is one of my miniature reproduction daguerrotypes! You can read about them here: The miniature Mona Lisa is made in a similar manner.
-a stack of miniaturized vintage style postcards
-two handmade miniature REAL books! They have real pages and are super duper cute!
-many wee little balls of yarn (in a carefully chosen basket from an online source)
-a teeny, tiny little dolly. She is made of paper clay and has little wobbly arms and legs, frizzy mohair hair in lavender and a tiny little painted face

The things I did not make but are included in this gorgeous box are;

-a real lamp that lights up with a tiny switch
-a tiny little ceramic wastepaper pot. It’s actually a miniature plant pot but looked so cute in the house as a wastepaper bin.
-an absolutely stunning silver tea set that includes a tray, teapot, creamer and sugar
-a vintage and extremely tiny and delicate glass bird

The box measures 10cm deep, 14 cm wide and 23 cm high.

Now to the pictures!

I have included a picture with one of my Blythe Petites standing inside so that you may visually gauge the size of the box.  She is not included, but she sure is cute!

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