Dolly Rescue: Recovered Bait Doll Blythe Into A Beauty!


Please read all the info below before purchasing her.
$250 + shipping  

About her:
Minksy is a ‘bait doll’. When I received her she was in a horrible state from someone’s previous attempt at customizing her. The customizer hoped that I could ‘save’ her and her sister! And I did!Minksy before

What I did:
A lots! Working with a bait doll is much harder than working from an untouched one. The work is more intensive but rewarding.

To start I disassembled the girl completely. I soaked her scalp off her head, took her apart entirely, removed her pull strings, eyelashes etc.

I re-sanded her, carefully having to scrape away her previous paint with an exacto knife (what is this amazing paint?! Impressed!). I had to really sand her as she wasn’t properly sanded before the customizations had originally taken place, so that took up quite a lot of time. 1

I loved the upper lip of the doll to start with but it did need more accentuation so I redid the upper lip and made a brand new bottom lip for this gal. As you can see from the before picture too, the curve in the bottom lip isn’t centered at all. I fixed that and also improved the philtrum. She also had a gash on the side of her mouth (I assume from slippage with a carving tool) which I carefully removed.

Her eyelids were not usable to me in the condition they were in so I used an entirely new eyelid system for her, so that’s brand new.

Minksy’s eyelashes were a bit tedious but I enjoy that kind of work. Her lashes are all individually placed, yes on-by-one! I love em! So whispy white!
Her eyelids have been treated with my sparkle technique in a gorgeous sparkling snow white!

I left most of Minksy’s eyechips in place because

A. I couldn’t get some of them out without doing severe damage and
B. They are super pretty!
One set arrived damaged but you can’t tell so I left them as is. The others are: An amazing purple I left in, black I took out one side of, fixed and replaced, green I left in (one side is damaged) and the other crazy intense set of yellow/green that I took out entirely, cleaned up, cleaned the glue leaking out around the eyes (all the eyes had this actually) and replaced. 6

I don’t remember what body she arrived on but she’s on a Simply Mango body now. I think her head is originally a Mango.

Her hair was (if I remember correctly) an original creation from Anniedollz! It was marvellous but I just wasn’t happy with it. To be truly honest, it was weird. It had long extra bits of mohair strips sewn into it to give her long hair, but it just didn’t have the right look for me. One side had mohair but because it was a strip it left the other side just skin/bald. So I removed the long strips and put her into a nice one-piece scalp.


Her pulls are gorgeous. One is a pewter fairy with gorgeous Swarovski crystal beads and crazy stardusty beads. The other; the same beads and a pretty blue glass crystal.

Minksy has sleep eyes.

Minksy comes in the outfit you see. It’s handmade by me and she will arrive in the vintage blue shoes and the hair clip, handmade dress and not pictured is a gorgeous iridescent bralette (vanity is a virtue!).

Minksy still has some flaws that I can’t fix (her side-head gouges), but I think she turned out really well. Don’t you?

-Sides of head have very slight gouges from previous customizers attempts at prying open the head.
-Wig looks fantastic but is a little inner bumpy (only the scalpy part due to it’s nature of animal skin). It’s not a pure snug fit like a glove but it does nothing to alter or change the doll in any negative way and her hair is SUPER duper soft. It’s incredible. And so versatile!! (sorry for all the poor grammar in this explanation :P )
-The eyemech is NOT perfect (the part with the eye chips) there are marks and scuffs where the previous customizer scraped at the mech or dabbed glue. None of these are overly noticeable and they don’t show up in pictures. You really have to search for them to see them but they are still there and worth noting.
*There may be other flaws I either did not mention or do not see. PLEASE NOTE you are buying a PREVIOUSLY customized doll that I repaired and remade.
NO REFUNDS or complaints please! Minksy needs someone to love her the way she is I think she will find that person! She is soo so lovely. Her hair is incredible, her eyes are gorgeous, her lashes are divine and her lips are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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