Sunset is complete! 
Commission request.

This one was super fun to do! I was asked to do a doll and the request was ‘whatever you want to do’. What more could an artist ask for!? Nothing. My life is complete now.

The doll;
Sunset was inspired by her meticulous pale skin and the amazing teeswater locks. I wanted to do a colour theme that my customer would love so after questioning about some of her favourite colours I decided on her main colour to be green. I think I chose well as it accents beautifully with her peach lips and porcelain skin!
Sunset has a very subtle blush on her cheeks, nose and chin to add definition and shape.
Her eyelids are the same green as her surrounding eye area with one difference: I swept them with a thin layer of sparkling gold. They shimmer beautifully!
Sunset is carved from a stock factory girl.

Her entire outfit is a gift to my customer as a super special THANK YOU SO MUCH! She gets shoes, stockings (thigh highs) the dress, cardigan, handmade (by me) scarf and two hair clips.
Her pulls are crystal-like Edwardian pendants that, to me, have a certain mystery about them. They are turquoise and pale green.
Sunset can’t wait to get home!
Jo Moxie Dollsmith


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