Friolette – A Circus Girl

This is “Friolette”


$210.00 USD SHIPPED. You can buy her without her outfit for $130.00 USD and she will arrive nude.

UPDATE!! I really want to move this doll so: $100USD nude! Add $80.00 for her outfit. XOX
Was $210.00
Shipping $20.00usd WW

She’s a clone head on a Blythe body.
Her hair is a boil perm AND IT’S AWESOME.
Her outfit is entirely handmade by me! It includes her gorgeous pure silk scarlet dress with bead detailing and sewn in petticoat (turquoise tulle trimmed in the coolest trim ever). She has a red petticoat under all of that for extra oomph to really pop her dress out! SO CUTE! Her shoes are carefully customized with pretty pink ribbons that you can tie any way you like. I chose bows.
Her face is carved by me and carefully painted. She is sealed many times but her sparkles are over the sealant to keep them as shiny and gorgeous as possible, so be careful with your girl and treat her well.
Her lashes are done in what I consider my signature style and are full and luscious.
She has gorgeous candy-like beads for her pull charms and sleep eyes.
Her lips are a trial that I don’t consider a success but sorta love at the same time. I definitely look forward to improving on this technique. Right now, just enjoy this grumpy girl!

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