Jo Moxie Custom: Cecily

Introducing “Cecily”


Cute huh!? 

Cecily loves to pretend she can fly! This girl has a lot of spirit and love, and it’s catching! Cecily has gorgeous tinsel lids that sparkle, long and luscious lashes and one of the most beautiful mouths I have carved yet! She has sweet brown hair cut into an equally sweet little bob and her precious face is sprinkled with just the right amount of golden freckles. 
This girl is precious and sweet!
She comes on her stock little body with the dress you see and a wee pair of black ankle boots and a stand.
Her pulls are sweet beads and a star charm.
Being handmade, sweet little Cecily isn’t without her tiny flaws. She has a tiny mark on one of her feet and her hair isn’t PERFECT but it’s pretty darn good.


$50.00 USD plus $20.00 shipping World Wide. 
Paypal please. 
XOXO and Thank you so much!

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