Loyal Rescue Review

This is a review for a rescue we recently dealt with: http://www.loyalrescue.com/

So let’s start really simply:

Would I recommend them?



My GOD there were just so many things this rescue did that made adopting from them almost impossible, due to their poor management, lack of communication etc.. I should say that I understand that this is a fully volunteer run organization, but the things we had to deal with were not a reason to use this as an excuse. Far from it.

First,  it took WEEKS for someone to even acknowledge that Loyal had even received our application. I would have thought that the faster they can move dogs into loving and caring environments and also provide room for a new rescue was their main goal? It wouldn’t seem so for Loyal. The entire process for us was pretty awful. It took weeks. In fact over a month to adopt a dog from them -which we DID do because we did it for the dog, NOT for the rescue.  In fact, at the end of our ‘process’ we even received an email from a Loyal volunteer apologizing for what we had to deal with and exclaiming how surprised they were that we had not just moved on to another rescue or adopted some other way. This volunteer was very much embarrassed for the way our entire adoption had been handled.

So we DID adopt a wonderful dog from this rescue that we simply ADORE. She is positively magnificent and fits into our family so well that she leaves us just stunned every day! We can’t believe that at one time this sweet little dog was abused by not one but at least TWO different owners! Why!? She is soo awesome! So despite the fact  this dog WAS a good fit for us, when Loyal finally did get back to us about our application or talk to the foster mom -whom we had met at this point- the only communication we received from Loyal was that they asked us to look at other dogs in their rescue as they deemed our dog of choice as ‘unadoptable’. WHAT?!!? They didn’t even read our application in regards to her, ask us questions, recognize that we had met the dog TWICE and it was a great match or otherwise in any way look into whether or not the dog was a good fit for us, or us for her. As my husband put it quite eloquently: ‘This is a good example of how following the process is hurting the process.” In other words, following the process they designed is not actually beneficial to them, the adopters or the adoptees. There should be room for at least some leeway to at least be able to consider all possibilities if one plans on achieving a successful organization. By just having one way to adopt these dogs and providing no other alternatives it seems rather redundant to have the rescue in the first place. If you can’t adopt them out, why bring them in?  Now we know for a fact that our chosen dog was a good fit with us because -as I stated earlier- during the application process the screener put us in contact with the dogs foster mom and SHE deemed us a great fit! We met with her a few times and SHE even was having a literal ‘hell of a time’ trying to contact Loyal. Who she FOSTERS for!!  Just WOW. I felt so bad for her. And still do for that matter.

Ok, so there were a few other things that Loyal did to really just peeve us off. I can’t list them all however I want to mention the EXTREME lack of communication. When I say lack I mean non-existent.

Also they NEVER got back to us about WHERE or WHY our payment for adopting a dog wasn’t being processed. At all. WHY not talk to us about this.

It has now been over a month and the cheque was finally processed this Friday (it is now Sunday)

OMG this rescue made me want to pull my hair out.  I don’t even have the patience today to tell you about any of their other faux pas.

I WOULD like to say though that the screener who interviewed us after receiving our application was AMAZING. She really went out of her way to help and even stepped out of her regular role with the rescue to help move things along because Loyal just wasn’t doing it.

In the end, get your act together Loyal. Do it right and start taking your rescue A LOT more seriously. Your rescue will only serve to hurt potential dogs, parents and future rescues and rescue reputations if you don’t start to do it properly. Organize, communicate.




That was just the beginning for us.

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4 thoughts on “Loyal Rescue Review

  1. Caylee says:

    Reblogged this on Caylee's Catches and commented:
    I will have to think about this Rescue a bit more

    • mizzmoxie says:

      Thanks for your comment Caylee!
      Although I think the rescue has a long was to go to reach it’s full potential, and it quite unorganized, I can’t complain about how much I ADORE my dog. In the end, it really is about the animals! I just hope they start to realize that too :P

  2. Friend of Loyal says:

    I’m sorry this process was not to your liking. Maybe you could spend some of your extremely flexible time (clearly, if you have time to write such a blog) and volunteer with a dog rescue group to see how it really works. Wouldn’t it be nice if a group could get an application, assign to screener, call references, call the vet, screen the applicant, get a home visit done and adoption processed in about 12 seconds………….. Why not join reality here lady and see what it’s like from the other side, rather than just judge from behind a keyboard?

    • mizzmoxie says:

      Wow. My blog wasnt’ about the time it took to complete the process. It was about the LACK OF COMMUNICATION and unprofessionalism.

      Also, you say “..see what it’s like from the other side..” A bit hypocritical, don’t you think? Also, quite ‘assume-y’ if I shall make up a word to suit.

      Please keep in mind, I still appreciate your comment and cheers for sticking up for what you believe in.


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