Fixed! YAY!

Old message reads:

Hey everyone. So it seems that commenting is broken on my site at the moment. All I get are blank commenting forms where it looks like there should be something and there isn’t. It’s just plain weird. I’m contacting support today but it might take awhile for them to get back to me so I hope it can get this resolved by Monday at the latest. Honestly, I feel kinda vulnerable like this.

I am really looking forward to a ‘drama’ free weekend to de-stress so the whole blank commenting is actually quite refreshing. It’s also a little funny. I rarely get comments on my blog, then suddenly I get a ton and I can’t read them. The universe must be sending me a message….which doesn’t matter anyway because I can’t read it.  hehehe  So I am also glad I can’t read them because I suspect they are from BC -the worlds biggest loser- and I would rather not ever have anything to do with that again.

Anyway, I know there are people out there who were expecting me to say something else but I have nothing else to say. Yet. I’m sure others will just fill it in for themselves anyway.
Sorry, I feel that last sentence was wrong but somehow… well today I just want to say something.  Sorta.

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