My Big Dolly News!

DOLLY UPDATE! WOot WoOT!After some serious ‘get your act together’ time I have decided that the time has come to move it up a notch and stop doing customs on Clones. The time has come for me to move it up and start doing the Factory Girls! All you Blythers will know what I mean. For others: A factory girl is a legitimate Blythe ‘fake’ doll.

SO with that in mind I will be literally RUSHING through my clones and selling them for SUPER low prices. SUPER LOW! Think $100 -$160 SHIPPED!

They will be beautiful, stock hair washed and styled, outfitted and shoed, Blythe bodied and will have my usual custom carving and painting done on their faces.

I’m really into the candy colours right now so they might ALL fit into that theme.

So like I said, I will be rushing through them as fast as I possibly can so keep an eye out her, on Dolly Adoption and Pink Palace Blythe as they will be the ONLY places I list them.

GOOD LUCK and thank youuuuu!!!

Little Miss Muffet and Candy Darling are still available!



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