I forgot to blog about Little Cutie but here she is now!


She loves to be barefoot so she can dance! She never walks, always dances. She loves the feel of grass and dirt in her toes (boy do they get dirty! Such sweet little dirty toes!) but she’s doesn’t care.
Little Cutie adores unicorns and hummingbirds and taking care of her teefs. She is very good about brushing them even though she LOVES candy!

♥♥♥♥ FREEBIES are included with Little Cutie!♥♥♥♥
She comes with her very own tiny unicorn pet AND sparkly tinsel crown! It clips on with a cute little hot pink hairclip decorated with a strawberry and bow. It matches perfectly with the free special gift of the little pink dress pictured! It has a Hello Kitty charm on it and has been resized to fit her wee body.

She is $300.00 Canadian funds plus shipping which includes tracking and signature confirmation. ($40.00 North America, $60.00 World Wide.)
Paypal only.

Little Cutie is on a pure neemo flection body.
She is entirely carved, painted etc… by me.
Her hair is made of GORGEOUS Swalesdale -much like mohair- in amazing cotton candy colours.
Her eyelids are a gorgeous and simple lavender and she has luscious soft lashes.
Her eyes are all stock in sea green, dark charcoal, pale pink and blue. Her eyes are really neat because you can roll them downwith your finger after you change them to make her look in different ways on TOP of the three ways she already looks! So: Left, Straight, Right, left down, stright down and right down!
Her pull strings are lavender and her charms are a miniature pale lavender cotton candy and the other is the coolest little lollipop I have ever seen.
Her outfit is made by me and consists of a gorgeous stretch metallic gold jumper and wee little leg warmers in pink with hot pink pompoms. Her underpants are stock and I included them because they are soo frigging cute!
If you would like extra hands for Little Cutie, just let me know. They are $4.00 per extra pair. Pics available upon request.

Little Cutie comes signed on the back of her head with her name and an extra surprise for you!

She does not come with shoes because she likes to dance barefoot. They just really don’t suit her little personality as she is a sweet, free-spirited little girl. If you feel you really need some, I have a pair of brown boots for her. They are $12.00. Pics available upon request.

PLEASE NOTE to adopter/new parent: Because her body is so tiny, you MUST grasp her head before pulling her strings. Her wee neck is not as strong as us big hu-mans! Also, do not pull the charms, but pull the strings.
The eyes on this doll change SUPER easy! You barely have to tug at all for that satisfying *click*!
Please do not attempt to brush her hair! It’s not that kind of hair 

♥♥♥Being handmade she will have slight differences and tiny imperfections. I hope you will view these as part of her personality and accept them as part of creating something unique and handmade. I put a lot of love -really!- and attention into my work and strive to create things that are as perfect as possible. Creating these dollies is truly one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I hope her new owner loves and cares for her as much as I do. ♥♥♥

Lastly, please note that my dolls originally start life as a clone, but that does not take away any of the beauty that they are, or the effort and time it took to create them as perfectly and as beautifully as I could.
PM if interested and Paypal only please.

Much love
Jo and Little Cutie1 9 10 12 22 16 PicMonkey Collager4

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