Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen Art Doll

Daenerys Collage 2♥♥♥♥Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. ♥♥♥♥ GAME OF THRONES GIRL!


Visit my fb for a TON of new photos PLUS check out this link for a video of how her pull charm sparkles! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDw687JAkyQ&list=HL1393621541&feature=mh_lolz ♥♥

LAYAWAY is available but full or larger payment offers will take precedence.

Details: Please read them all. I think you will be surprised at the details of this girl, like her hand painted dress! I think I have done a great job of representing Daenerys’s personality perfectly through my choice of details. I hope you do too!

$800 USD plus shipping (60$ North America, $90.00 World wide) LIMITED TIME PRICE! Ends March 8th, 2014
I originally priced this girl at $1200.00 so this is a great deal.

Read why!

Full face-up and carving done by me with special attention to her lips and nose (carved exactly like Emilia’s own!) and even her eyechips!

Full alpaca reroot in pure platinum white!! Braided exactly like Daenerys’s and tied with golden cord in keeping with the time/era/show.

Eyes: New lashes of course, and she has the most amazing set of eye chips! Two sets are stock and two are handpainted by Elficious. One set is aqua with real 24ct gold! The other is a custom order painted to closely resemble Emilia Clarke’s eyes!
Check out the pictures for the others!

Lids: Beautiful brown lined lids that fade to nude are perfectly understated to suit Daenerys’s ‘pure unaltered beauty’ personality perfectly!

Pullstrings: Her pulls sparkle so beautifully I made a movie of them. One of her pulls is a golden crown -because she WILL rule the land The other is the most gorgeous druzy I could find. It’s fab. You can even wear the crown as a ring if you want!
She has strong turquoise pull strings to match her dress.

WARDROBE!! Lots of stuff on this girl 

The Qarth Dress.
♥The dress is an exact replica! I made the dress with pure silk chiffon and then handpainted with with metallic gold paint. It really shimmers! Check out the comments for more pics!
♥Her epaulettes are entirely handmade with a golden corset to match.
♥Two beaded decorations hang from golden cord that ties around her waist, which fits under the corset. The beads are as closely matched to her original outfit as I could find in dolly sized beads from my personal collection. Some of these are vintage. They are glass, wooden and stone!
♥On her feet are a pair of super simple sandals, in keeping with the theme of the show and the time/era. They are made with a simple sole and cording that wraps around her ankles, much like simple gladiator sandals.
♥Daenerys wears a real freshwater pearl ring and also, if she chooses, her ♥double claw necklace. I know that the necklace doesn’t “go” with the Qarth dress (in the show the necklace is with an entirely different outfit) but I loved it so much I wanted her to have it. Actually, THIS necklace is what inspired me to make her in the first place!

♥Lastly, she DEFINITELY needs her dragons, so Daenerys comes with three replica, specially custom made baby dragons.

Aren’t they amazing!? She is so talented. She made them to my exact specifications and they are PERFECT. Daenerys comes with all three dragons.

I hope you love her!

♥♥♥Being handmade she will have slight differences and tiny imperfections. I hope you will view these as part of her personality and accept them as part of creating something unique and handmade. I put a lot of love -really!- and attention into my work and strive to create things that are as perfect as possible. Creating these dollies is truly one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I hope her new owner loves and cares for her as much as I do. ♥♥♥

Lastly, please note that my dolls originally start life as a clone, but that does not take away any of the beauty that they are, or the effort and time it took to create them as perfectly and as beautifully as I could.

PM if interested and Paypal only please.1 (3) 2 (2) 3 (2) 6 (2) 7 (2) 4 (2) 19.1 17 eyecollage jewelscollage Daenerys collage 16 13 15 (2)

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