I will be making a few ‘Real Life Dolls’ in January (the ‘Ladies of the Evening’  like Beatn’ Up Betty and Kryssee with a Y).  

If you are not familiar with these dolls, you may visit them here: These dolls have a whole hilarious back-story I made up too! Someday I might write it out, but basically Kryssee with a Y is an aspiring singer with a passion for smoking and Kevin Federline and her mother is a hooker. Eyup.
If you would like one of my Real Life Dolls you can reserve one now with 50% down the rest due when the doll is complete. I will begin making them in January 2014.  There are currently ONLY 3 available. Price is $250.00 USD. They come on an Obitsu body but you can choose the one you like from the choices below. Paypal please.

Your doll will have:

-blonde, possibly with streaked hair (depends on the doll, randomly chosen)
-A custom outfit designed to um..’show off’ those amazing curves 
-Teased and wild hair, possibly cut in a horrible style to reflect their personality. I do actually cut the hair carefully to give it that look though! If you do NOT want this please tell me and I will just tease it and leave it
-High heels
-A cigarette
-1 tiny bottle of liquor
-New gorgeous lashes
-Face-up done in a beaten up style with running streams of mascara that has been partially cried off, partially ‘left over’ from a few days of boozin’
-An Obitsu body, 25cm size Large, flesh colour, soft bust with breast size of your choice ( I do not make these dolls with small breasts though)
-The lips on your doll will light up but I disable the voice mechanism permanently.


-If you would like a tiny purse for your gal please add $10.00 to your order. It will be made to match your girl, or chosen from one of the really cool ones I already have (new not used!)

-If you would like a miniature pack of cigarettes for your gal please add $5.00 for your order and tell me if you want the cigarettes glued in or loose in the pack. At least one has to be glued in for stability though.

-If you would like black dolly lingerie (like that seen on Betty) just add $6.00 to your order. Lingerie set includes bra, panties and negligee. I order these online.

Please see the attached picture of the Obistu bodies to choose the one you will like. Choose A or B.

Please see the pictures I have posted  below this post to see what your doll will resemble! Please note that Betty and Kryssee are my own private collection and are not for sale :)

NOTE:  Obitsu bodies are known for being a bit wobbly. I do fix this but it still wobbles a wee bit. I think it’s funny and perfect for these dolls though because they just look drunk.

Although I do find humour in these dolls, they are my representation of ‘Real Life’. Please remember that in real life it is NEVER ok to make fun of or hurt real people in any way, no matter who they are, what they do, what they look like or where they come from. 

This is my ART! 

Beat'n Up Betty

Beat’n Up Betty

Beat'n Up Betty

Beat’n Up Betty

2013-05-07 20.15.01 1 Krysee with a Y and Mom- Beatn' Up Betty

Choose A or B

Choose A or B

If I am not happy with the Obitsu body (above) I will change to a different version and consult you with the choices. The fallback choice is below:

Fall back choices if the others are not up to my standards. Choose A or B

Fall back choices if the others are not up to my standards. Choose A or B

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