Quick Kenzi Doll Blurb and NEW Ksenia Snap! OOOO!

Did you know that my “Ksenia Solo as Kenzi from Lost Girl” (now known fondly as “Kenzi doll”) was autographed by the star!? Not only that, this doll will be sold by auction with 50% of the proceeds to go towards a charity Ksenia chose: Stand for the Silent (Official) !!

The doll comes with lots of special goodies and even a gift from Ksenia herself!
The auction starts on eBay on December 2, 2013 so get that Paypal and eBay account ready now!

If you want more info and to keep up-to-date add my Twitter accounthttps://twitter.com/MizzMoxie to your lists and check out my blog! I’ve recently written a great write-up about my ongoing experience with Ksenia and my doll. Check it out here! https://mizzmoxie.wordpress.com/
It’s got some great teasers and a lot of the info you might be looking for.

You might also be interested in adding Ksenia’s twitter and Stand for the Silent as well 
Cheers and dolly love to you all!

ps… did you know I have some top secret photos to reveal as I choose?! Here is one now! Ksenia titled it: “Little Break With Mama”

"Little Break With Mama"

“Little Break With Mama”


Jo Moxie Doll Customizer

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