My Ksenia Solo Experience For A Cause & Kenzi Doll Teasers!

If you are reading this, you were led here from my Twitter or Ksenia’s Twitter or are one of the many amazing fans of Ksenia or the Canadian tv show Lost Girl or because of my little Kenzi doll I made.

You can see the doll with the cast on the pre-show here: ) Whao what a sentence.

This is going to be a pretty long blog so I have chosen to do a wee summary of what it’s about for you first (no particular order);

-My experience of interactions with Ksenia Solo thus far,

-The process of getting little Kenzi doll signed (the whole story),

-Why I am donating 50% to a cause

-Secret reveals for Little Kenzi dolls eBay auction including a few SNEAK PEEKS!,

pictures taken by Ksenia Solo herself! And appropriately titled too! This woman is amazing. 

-Stand For The Silent (SFTS),

-Info about the doll and personal, less interesting stuff about me

I’ll try and keep the baloney and nonsense to a minimum but I’m not making any promises :P My blog is called “I Make Stuff And Talk A Lot” after all :P

To Begin;

Some of my family have been asking ‘Why is the doll not being sold right from Showcase? Or Lost Girl? Or Ksenia?” Why did you have it sent back to you? You would think it would be easier for them to just sell the doll and send the proceeds to Stand For The Silent and the other half to you.”
I kind of laugh when they ask this because I have SO many reasons :)

First off: I made it. :D hehe But really, as the artist I need not only the closure of completing this whole wonderful process/experience, but I also like to pack my own dolls to be absolutely certain they are being shipped properly. I put in a lot of extra love and care, I know that it’s packed properly to prevent any damage on the doll from the packaging wrappings and the shipping (banging and slamming around as packages do) and because I put extras and freebies in my orders! So how could I possibly do all that if someone else were left with the responsibility?
Which takes me to my next point and the reason I feel I should be talking about this: Responsibility. It’s not Kensia’s or Showcase’s or Lost Girls, or STFS’s responsibility to care for, sell, mail and insure the doll. It’s mine. Lost Girl, Ksenia, Showcase, SFTS and anyone who interacted with my doll are not in any way affiliated or responsible for the doll in any way whatsoever. So expecting them to take on that HUGE responsibility would be selfish of me and a ridiculous expectation. It’s the kindness of heart and huge investment of her personal time that Ksenia gave to my artistic creation. THAT is what matters! To me and to all the amazing Ksenia Solo, Kenzi and Lost Girl fans out there!

I would also like to point out that the proceeds of the sale are being given by me, on behalf of Ksenia Solo. I made the doll, I will be doing the eBay sale, I will be shipping the doll and I will be sending the money on to SFTS through eBay Giving Works. That does NOT mean that Ksenia hasn’t had a huge part in this. She has had the biggest! Hopefully you guys will read this entire blog to understand just how much of her personal time, attention and love was invested in this project. And none of it was for her. It was all for charity, and in effect also me. Both reasons of which I am eternally grateful for. I will hold this experience to my heart for the rest of my life.

Why are you giving 50% of the money away?

Because it would be selfish of me not to.

Simple: Humans can be awful. But we can also be kind, generous, inspirational… AMAZING! When I decided to send my doll to Ksenia, I thought ” This is a big deal. I should do something with it.” I wanted something good to come of it. I wanted to share that with as much of the world as I could. It was senseless to me that this beautiful doll I made, with her pretty little autograph and secret gifts, that spent time with the entire cast of Lost Girl, who had gotten so much love and attention and snuggles and photographs… would sit on a shelf in my home collecting dust. It is SO EASY to ignore charity and spend money on fruitless things. I didn’t want to do anything easy. I wanted to do something good. For a good cause. With a good reason. It’s too easy to keep it and spend it on shoes and art supplies (which is where all my money goes :P ). The love that Ksenia put into this project, her time and dedication was just too much to squander. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that I keep all the money. If I were really poor I would, but the fact is I am not. Besides, for me Art is all about the creating, not the selling or keeping. After I make it, I really don’t need it any more :) Nor do I really want it! (Something a lot of people have a hard time understanding :) ) In essence, the money I might make from my passion is just sort of… well a bonus.

Which brings me to the second more important reason why I am doing this:

To put my life into a ridiculously short statement: I was adopted by and then abused most of my life. I was abused in many ways. My life from birth until I was about 20 was epically awful. I have been poor. Really poor. Starving, no phone, no home, food bank poor. Which is totally fine because I was always able to keep my chin up and try different ways of making my life better and I had really great friends with really great parents to help. My experiences made me who I am, and I actually like myself! I don’t think the things that happened to me made me an artist, rather I was born an artist and found a way to use my strengths. So,  I made my life better and now I live in a home with my child and fiance and three pets and as much food as I want with more junk than we have space for, on one income (my fiances) that is -according to statistics- ‘upper middle class’ (which feels so silly saying!) But I do say it, to show how far I have come and to give you a baseline to why it’s important for me to share everything about this entire project.  I don’t ‘need’ the money. Someone else does. And it feels pretty darn good to be able to give it.  I’m sharing this small bit of my personal life because my experience might help others. I am now an ‘open book’ in life because, well there are too many reasons to list here now, but in short it might help others.

I am also setting a good example to my child, my family and my friends. AND 50% goes to a cause I strongly believe in. I was SO so glad Ksenia chose SFTS. More on why I like SFTS below.

Ok, so here’s how it went down: THE STORY OF THE MAKING OF KENZI

First off, my art doll is officially titled as “Ksenia Solo as Kenzi on Lost Girl” The doll is actually of Ksenia as Kenzi. The name got shortened to ‘Little Kenzi’ by Ksenia (too cute right!?) I love it.

I think it was around April of this year (2013) that I decided to make little Kenzi. Obviously I’m a big fan of the show, but more than that I just adore the women in that show. They are just so freaking awesome! I really have a thing for ‘Strong women’. By that statement I mean women who are who they want to be, do what they want, make a difference and pretty much just make a huge impact on other women, people, emotions…etc.. There’s so much I could say about that statement. So I fell in love with Kenzi and Bo and Lauren and Tamsin and ‘The Morrigan” (Emmanuelle) …ALL the women in that show are just epic. It’s nuts! AND the show is Canadian! Double awesome. And for a  good ol’ Triple: THEY MAKE IT NORMAL THAT SAME SEX COUPLES LOVE. Just love. To me, it seems that the very rock bottom, base of that show comes down to love. I imagine the future all the time (and daydream about the past too :P) and in my future we live in a world where it’s normal for PEOPLE to love PEOPLE. That’s it. Simple. So if you take all of that, from one Canadian show, you might be able to understand why I was so inspired to make the doll. And have something good come of it.

*pant pant* Stay with me folks. I’m not nearly finished! :D

While I was making little Kenzi I kept thinking; “Man, it would be awesome if I could get Ksenia to sign this doll.” After I made her I sort of put her up for sale but there was something nagging me about it that kept me from putting any real effort in selling her. One day when I was daydreaming again about having her in Ksenia’s arms I thought; ‘Well jeez. Why can’t I!?”  SO I DID. :D I worked really hard creating little Kenzi but it just wasn’t enough, so I worked really hard and  lo and behold: My dream came true! It was an amazing day. Just amazing, when I got the word that Ksenia liked the doll and would sign it.
So little Kenzi was shipped off and landed safely with Ksenia and the little doll spent pretty much the entire filming season with the cast. I didn’t get the doll back until after the show had begun to air! Imagine all that time spent with that amazing cast! Held in Tricks arms, chatting it up with Hale… now wait a minute…..

What’s this!?

"A Tread Through WIth Trickster"

“A Tread Through WIth Trickster”

"Scene With Siren"

“Scene With Siren”

WHAT!? So not only did Ksenia want to sign the doll, but she LOVED the doll (What more could I ask for!?) AND she took the doll around to photograph (beautifully!) and the cast loved her! And then spent time with her! I was literally dancing around the house. It was -in an over-used but appropriate word- EPIC.  Some of the pictures are just so funny too. You can tell that Ksenia was replacing herself with the doll and it’s not only hilarious but really touching :)

Which leads me to talk about the investment of her own time and efforts Ksenia put into this whole project. It’s astounding and I hope I can express it properly.
Originally, little Kenzi was to be sent to Ksenia just to get an autograph on the back of her head, then sent back to me. Imagine my glee when Ksenia wrote to say that little Kenzi had been hanging around on set and asked if she could remain for a while! It was grand! I was in no rush to get her back – I myself am newly engaged, so with other doll stuff and life stuff I am also planning a wedding!- so I was more than happy to not have to worry about little Kenzi too. I was so happy to know she was safe and loved for a while. And what a time she had! I can’t wait to share some of the photos with you guys. They are just amazing. And not only did Ksenia take some beauties, but she also titled them all too, so every picture you see ‘on set’ or ‘with the cast’ or with Ksenia you should all know that she took the photos herself and titled them all. Just wait till you see the one of little Kenzi and Kris Holden-Reid. As a teaser: It’s titled “Quiet Moment With Dman”.

There is so much more that Ksenia did too. Try and imagine my awe when, instead of having an assistant or publicist to contact me, Ksenia kept in touch with me herself. I put that statement in italics not to brag, but to emphasize just how incredible this is. I imagine that her life is redonkulously busy. Try and imagine it (and this is just me guessing here, from what I see in the media and her Twitter): Early mornings (like, really early guys. Did you know the sun comes up at like, 5am sometimes!?), late evenings, exhausting shoots, promote, promote, promote, photo shoots, Cons, travel, promote, meet fans, promote, promote, promote, spend time with the charities she supports, spend time on the board of Stand For The Silent, promote, sleep? Eat? Visit family? Spend time with friends!? Those probably come when they can because this woman works HARD. And it’s not just all for herself. And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is why I adore her. Ksenia did this just for charity, and me too! In her own time. And there were quite a few emails. Each time I received one I considered myself so incredibly lucky. I am very grateful for her time. I feel that it is precious and everyone should know how amazing she is to share it. Stand For The Silent: You are so lucky to have her! I am so happy that you do. :) And as fans, aren’t we lucky to have such a passionate and influential person as a role model?

A quick note to the cast: Anna, Kris, Rick, Zoie, K.C., Rachel, Paul and the sweetest Canadian man: Rob Archer: THANK YOU. You guys!!!!! EEE! You are all amazing. You know what you did. What a life this is :) In all gratitude, thank you And also a special thank you to the people behind the scenes: The producers, directors, writers, food preppers, stylists….just ALL of you! From Kenzi doll and I: YOU FREAKING ROCK YOU GUYS. ♥ Thank you for your time everyone. ♥


Ok, now it’s time for a SECRET REVEAL! oooOOoooooooh :P

As you might know by now, little Kenzi will be auctioned on eBay on DECEMBER 2, 2013. You can find her here on that day:  Just click “Items for sale” in the top left corner. Have no fear if you think you won’t be able to afford her or are afraid to bid: I DO LAY-AWAY! I will write the terms in the listing :) It will only be available for MY half of the proceeds though. You will have to have 50% of the winning bid available for SFTS within 3 days of the auction ending. You can also PM me your queries and questions about it.  I only take Paypal and will only be selling through eBay so make your accounts now!

So what’s the secret? Well, besides moving in with the winning bidder with a tremendous wardrobe and autograph on the back of her head, little Kenzi also comes with an autographed print by Ksenia Solo AND… Ksenia’s gift of Kenzi dolls very own hair extensions made by Ksenia’s stylist! How amazing is that!? Here is a quick snap:  (and yes, that note is written by Ksenia so you will get that too)

A gift from Ksenia; Hair Extensions for Kenzi Doll!

A gift from Ksenia; Hair Extensions for Kenzi Doll!

I will not be including any pictures/copies of the signed print. It is for the winning bidder and the winning bidder to choose to share only :) But a HUGE thank you to Ksenia for including it! Holy Wow!

So where is the picture of the autograph on the dolls head!?

Well, you will just have to keep updated with my Twitter feed to see it when I post it :P

Ok, now about Stand for the Silent. First off, you can find them here: , , .  Who are they? They are a charitable organization that helps to bring awareness about childhood bullying and the effects and repercussions it has on our youth, family and community. I hope I put that into words that SFTS would approve of!

I am SO glad that Ksenia chose this charity. For obvious reasons -bullying in general is just awful- but also because yeah, I was bullied. Bullies piss me off.  I have known people to commit suicide, or attempt if because of bullying and I also have my own child now so worrying about him being bullied or even being a bully worries me too. Thankfully, so far we seem to be doing a good job raising our child because his first instinct is what we taught him: Kindness. Teach your kids kindness first, the other stuff with follow :)

So visit SFTS, follow their Twitter and make a stand. Just re-tweeting helps too, so do that and feel better about yourself for ‘doing something good’.

Btw, with part of my own proceeds of the sale of sweet little Kenzi I plan on buying SFTS sweatshirts for my whole family. Snuggly anti-bullying softness! EEE!

My fingers in my left hand have gone numb.

Ok, so I think I covered everything. I will probably come back and edit and add because that’s my style :P lol  If there are any grammatical or spelling errors please tell me so I can fix it because that stuff bugs me :P

When I put up the auction I will blog again.
Oh! One last thing: The little Kenzi Art Doll is NOT FOR CHILDREN. It’s an adult collectible. I will be adding information on her care and how to ‘play’ with her (because you should really not actually play with her) in the auction. So if you are not familiar with art dolls, fear not! I will supply all the info you need.

Do you need to talk? Ask questions? Comment here, PM me on my Twitter, Facebook etc… or shoot me an email. Just be sure to put “Jo Moxie Art Dolls” in the subject line so I don’t delete it with the other junk emails I get. :)

joebreeze at hotmail dot com

Jo Moxie
Art Doll Artist for the Mature Collector
I’m everywhere! See me:

 THANK YOU EVERYONE! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Remember: Kindness can change.

BW oXo

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