Smitten and Happy: A Ksenia Solo Art Doll Story: All about the Kenzi doll on the Lost Girl Pre-Show

Nov 14th UPDATED! See bottom

Last night was so incredibly exciting for my family and I!! I have been DYING for months to tell everyone all the deets about my #Kenzi doll being on set with the cast of #Lostgirl!!! She’s been hanging out with the cast for a few months now, having the time of her life!
She has been autographed by #KseniaSolo and tooted around with her on set for ages. One time, Ksenia’s stylist even put extensions in the wee dolly’s hair to match Ksenia’s own!

I am just so incredibly honoured and excited about this whole project.

Soon the doll will be sent back to me and she will be auctioned off on eBay to the highest bidder with 50% of the proceeds to go towards the charity of Ksenia’s choice!

This whole experience has been astounding for my family and I. I put in a lot of hard work and it ‘paid off’ (for lack of a better phrase at this time) in so many ways. The pride my family feels for me is by far the best thing to have come out of it. Second is that I get to take part in helping people in need. All because of a heart warming soul who saw the potential in my work and the ability to bring awareness to a cause.

Thank you to not only Ksenia Solo, but to the ENTIRE Lost Girl cast AND crew,Showcase and the thousands of people who watch the show.

You all inspire me. Without it, what would an Artist truly be?

With so much love and passion;
Jo Moxie
Art Doll Artist for the Mature Collector

Did you miss the pre-show!? Click here to see the part with my doll!!

To keep posted about the latest details about this eBay auction, when it will be and my current projects; add me as a friend on my personal FB account, my Public FB Page and my various other accounts! (See below)
If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at any account or email me at
Please note that the eBay listing will have all the info you will need about my Ksenia Solo as Kenzi Art Doll as well!

Cheers and THANK YOU!
Jo Moxie
Art Doll Artist for the Mature Collector
I’m everywhere! See me: (a work in progress)

#LostGirl #Showcase #kseniasolo  #lostgirlseries

Ksenia Solo poses with the little Kenzi doll I made of her.

Ksenia Solo poses with the little Kenzi doll I made of her.


UPDATE! There is SO much to talk about with this dolly, so I will be posting all new info about this doll and the auction as it becomes available through my Twitter! Add me now to keep up to date!  Ask me anything on Twitter and I will respond as soon as I can too! OXOXOXOOX


BW oXo

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