When my Facebook Page receives 200 Likes I will draw a name to win a **KIKI THE FASHION TIKI! OOOOHH!!

What do you have to do?
Like my Facebook page
Share my Facebook page
Become a follower of my blog AND my Twitter!
Comment to leave your name in the proper Facebook thread and tell me you did all the above!

You can find my Facebook and Twitter here:


**I will not ship to China, Korea, South America, Mexico and possibly some others. If you aren’t sure just msg me here on on Facebook! OXO

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6 thoughts on “WHO WANTS A GIVE-AWAY!?

  1. I caught the reedit on the post….but I’ll keep it to myself!

    • mizzmoxie says:

      Well I wrote it originally on my facebook and then posted it here. When I read it again from the veiwpoint of someone else I realized it would have made no sense. So it would have been unethical of me to leave it as it was. :)

  2. Well, I DID do all of the things, so was I actually the only one?!? Too bad…I love the doll, AND your blog.

    I have seen your Blythe dolls on eBay, and even been to your Etsy shop….I did not realize that you were the FrouFrou shop…

    I actually talk about your stuff all the time! Especially when I mention Blythe artists who do not get the recognition they deserve!

    I am on the fence with buying the Tiki doll…there IS a new seller on eBay that actually LIVES two towns over, but she/he is new…with zero feedback, and I don’t want to spook the user by asking for a local pickup to avoid the $11 shipping. They may get a bad feeling about eBay if their first transaction is someone looking to meet in a public place to cash and carry!

    • mizzmoxie says:

      It’s good that you see it that way because I have gotten a few people ask for pick-up. I am just not comfortable with that. Have you ever sold anything through Kijiji!? That’s hard enough! LOL! BUT But but, it NEVER hurts to ask!!!!! He might prefer that you pay cash with no fees attached!

  3. happycats218 says:

    Am I posting in the wrong area for the Kiki Tiki give away?

    I FOUND you by searching for images on this doll….imagine my delight to find a CUSTOMIZER who loves Blythe as much as I do!

    PS…I LOVE that you gave Kensia the same beauty marks you have….cute!

    • mizzmoxie says:


      I posted the give-away ages ago but only 3 people entered and only one person did the entering properly so I will have to re-do a give-away. HAHA! I sure felt silly not getting anyone who really wanted to enter. I WILL be doing one but not until the new year (Shipping at this time of year?! OMG! )
      I hope you understand!
      Keep an eye on my facebook for the give-away! If you wanted to buy one I sell them too in my ebay but who wants to do that when you can win one!? :P

      XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Thank you SO much for stopping by!!!!!


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