Wonderland: A Dark Alice Tale

Available on ebay with a BIN on Oct 18, 2013! http://www.ebay.com/usr/mizzmoxie


What happened Dear Alice, Dark Alice ,Oh Alice
What happened Oh Alice in Wonderland deep
What happened Dear Alice, Dark Alice, Oh Alice
What happened… Oh Alice what secrets you keep…

♥♦♣♠♥ ♥♦♣♠♥ ♥♦♣♠♥ ♥♦♣♠♥

No one but Alice and Wonderland knows what really happened. And Wonderland isn’t talking. 

Hip Hip horray the Red Queen is Dead

But who will wear the crown on her head?

Bloodied and bent and covered in gore,

No one can wear it any more.

Why would anyone wear a crown,

When there isn’t any one around.

There are no tarts, there is no tea.

There is no Mad Hatter to welcome thee.

No pretty flowers, no playing cards

Just broken dreams in splintered shards

No pretty White Rabbit to follow around

Just a lot of dead flowers and blood on the ground

No Tweedle Dum, no Tweedle Dee

No one to tell the secrets you see.

And if you know what Alice already knew

You will forget this story too.



Dark Alice’s stats;

She will be available on ebay with a BIN on Oct 18, 2013! http://www.ebay.com/usr/mizzmoxie

Dark Alice is made with gorgeous alpaca hair entirely rooted by me. Her face has been sanded, carved, painted and matted. She has a very naughty smirk on her face, don’t you think? :D
Alice has the usual 4 sets of eye chips; Endless blue, Burgundy, Mediterranean Blue, and a startling and creepy hot pink!
Her pull charms are gorgeous! A Victorian glass pendant, a tiny jet crystal cut glass bead, a brassy key and a raven skull.
She has luscious lashes and sleep eyes.
Her outfit is entirely handmade by me. It is a reversible cloak of silk chiffon on one side, a poly silk on the other and it’s trimmed in real fur. Her dress has been dyed in a two-part process with an ombre effect. In some lights it’s blue and purple in others.
Alice comes with a pair of ‘white’ boots that are well.. quite fitting to what she has done. Let’s just say she should ‘hide the evidence’. More pictures for those soon.
Alice also has a super cute pair of handmade stockings.

Dark Alice also comes with her very own White Rabbit, complete with white ruff and blue velvet coat. The velvet is quite vintage!

On Dark Alice’s wrist hangs her ever-present bottle of Arsenic. She never leaves home without it!

Dark Alice will be available on Ebay by the end of this week. I will post an update on my facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/FrouFrouDesignsByMoxie


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Dark Alice

Dark Alice

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5 thoughts on “Wonderland: A Dark Alice Tale

  1. Pepper-Tooth says:

    So awesome!! She is amazing, can’t wait for the bidding to begin!


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