Emilia Clarke As Daenerys is complete!


I only have to wait for one TINY little thing to arrive in the mail -a pull charm- and my little Emilia Clarke will be done!
Below you can see her but first a bit about her:

The outfit choice was hard to decide upon. Daenerys has such a wonderful and varied wardrobe it was hard to choose! I finally decided upon my favourite though; The Qarth Dress.
I made the dress with silk chiffon and then handpainted with with metallic gold paint. It really shimmers!
On her feet are a pair of super simple sandals, in keeping with the theme of the show and the time/era. They are made with a simple sole and cording that wraps around her ankles, much like simple gladiator sandals.
Daenerys wears a freshwater pearl ring and also, if she chooses, her double claw necklace. I know that the necklace doesn’t go with the Qarth dress but I loved it so much I wanted her to have it.
The dress accents are made by myself too and the beads are from my personal collection.

Her eyebrows: WOW. Like everyone else, I just ADORE Daenerys’s brows. They are just full and natural and the contrast with her skin and hair is breathtaking. I chose to do my dolls brows just a bit narrower than they really are because any larger on this wee face and they looked wrong and took away from the rest of her face. And we all know Emilia Clarke has such a lovely face that is more than just brows!

Lastly, she DEFINITELY needs her dragons, so I had Astrid make me some up! Aren’t they amazing!? She is so talented.
I hope you love her!



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