What I Do & Where To Find Me

Hi! I am Jo Moxie and I am an Art Doll Artist and Creator.
I create custom one-of-a-kind (OOAK) art dolls for the mature collector.

Broken Annie

Broken Annie

All my dolls are created by me and only me. I do my own re-roots, create the outfits, do the face-ups, carve, paint, pose, photograph…. My dolls usually take 3 weeks at minimum to complete to up to 3 months depending on complexity, time available, supply availability etc…I work with wood, metal, beads, cloth, leather… the list goes on. I am quite proud to be multi-talented and I love using all of my skills to create my Art.

All my creations are OOAK. Sometimes I take inspiration from movies and TV (Oh do I love watching movies and TV! ) but most of the time my ideas just come from my head. Sometimes I feel like my head is blowing up like a balloon from the ideas I have!
If you are curious about my work, you may visit the links below to see some of the work I have already done and dolls I am currently creating. Or just to get to know me.

I encourage you to have fun looking at my work. I am very easy to talk to and I love your questions! No question is insignificant to me :)

A few more things about my dolls: Some of my dolls have been autographed by the celebrity they are representing. I only sell these dolls by auction and a part of the proceeds always go to the celebrities charity of choice. I will not sell an autographed doll privately, sorry!
If you are wondering if a current doll is available, I do keep my Facebook up to date, but you CAN email me and ask! Alternatively, you may leave a message on my blog or on any of the link places listed below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am pretty much always ‘connected’ so don’t worry about me not getting it. If you do find I haven’t answered, by all means please try again!

Please note that I do not take custom commissions unless you are willing to work within my strict guidelines (I have an personal integrity I would like to maintain and I like my artistic freedoms) but I appreciate anyone contacting me with an interest in my art. If you would like to be notified when I complete a custom, you may send me a msg request.

Cheers and Love!
Jo Moxie

BW oXo

To Date May 2014Up to date 2014
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