OFFICIAL Azone Neemo Flection New Sizing Information -Direct from Azone

Hey all!

First off: This is NOT heresay or rumour. I received this information via direct communication with Azone. I worked hard for this information so I hope you enjoy it and can use it!

So I just want to make this blog a quick rundown of the new Neemo Flection body by Azone. I originally wanted to do this because I had ordered a size medium body via a shop on Ebay and when it arrived it was the size small. I contacted the shop and they INSIST it is the new size and it is indeed a medium. But being that it is EXACTLY the same size as the small I was determined to find out if this was true or not.  So I contacted Azone directly and asked them for their information. I was surprised when they told me that they did not even have that information yet but would email it to me as soon as they did. I was then PLEASANTLY surprised when they sent me the information without me having to ask again. Talk about customer service! They are just SO polite and pleasant to talk to!
At this time I am also waiting to see if they can send me the OLD size information for comparison purposes. If they can send one to me I will add it here ASAP.

Now, on to the comparison photos.

I am very interested to see what the size of the NEW XS is, as all the sizes have stayed the same, but the size TITLE has changed. The NEW medium is the OLD small, the NEW Large seems to be the old medium…It seems they have all gone down a size title but the measurements remain the same. Please read my captions in the photographs for more clarification on my poor explanation.

I do not have an old medium or an old XS to test the sizes on so if someone would like to measure and document theirs (without a head and the neck post visible)  and send me the pictures I would really appreciate it to add to this post.

Observe now the sizing chart sent to me directly from the Azone company. I have added in the measurements in centimetres (cm) for the height. Please note: To see the official Azone size chart larger, just right click and open in a new tab.

Azone's Official Size Chart For The New Neemo Flection Series

Azone’s Official Size Chart For The New Pure Neemo Flection Series

Please note that the Picco Neemo body has not changed at all. This body came out earlier this year (February 2013) in the new body form -with the more moveable shoulders. Here are more pictures for your reference. I will be coming back over time to add more. If you are curious to know if I have them but have not yet added them to this post, please leave a comment. I get them sent to my email immediately and can respond quickly too.
Please read the captions for further clarification.

Picco Neemo

Picco Neemo

New Body size XS

New Body size XS

OLD Flection Small (its banged up because I use it as a dolly mannequin for sewing )

OLD Flection Small (its banged up because I use it as a dolly mannequin for sewing )

NEW Flection body. The size is the same as old small but this is the MEDIUM now.

NEW Flection body. The size is the same as old small but this is the MEDIUM now.

OLD Small and NEW Medium

OLD Small and NEW Medium: Same size.

NEW Large

NEW Large

Ok, that’s it for now! PLEASE comment to ask questions or remark if I missed something. I would be happy to add it in. Hope it all helps!


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3 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Azone Neemo Flection New Sizing Information -Direct from Azone

    • mizzmoxie says:

      Hihi! I am writing out a response right now. I just wanted to let you know I saw this! xox

    • mizzmoxie says:

      Ok. So first off: That doll is gorgeous.
      It looks like the doll you want to fit the clothes to is the large sized Pure Neemo doll but the clothes are for two different types of dolls
      So, short answer: No. Those clothes will not fit on the doll.

      Breaking it down:
      The Wilhelmina doll is a 27cm doll. The shoes and stockings are for Pure Neemo Flexion dolls.

      The shoes- If you click the link you gave me and have a look at the title you can see that the company wrote “Pure Neemo Size-PNM…”. The PNM means “Pure Neemo Medium”
      The doll you wish to purchase is actually a bit bigger than the Pure Neemo Flexion dolls at 27cm. The biggest the PN dolls get is about 24cm.

      The same is true for the second link, the leggings. They won’t fit. Although if they are super stretchy they might fit. Is it worth the money to waste if they don’t fit? Do you care if you can’t pull them up snug with the crotch?

      The outfit link: these clothes are HUGE. You can see in the title that they are for 48/50cm dolls. Which are pretty large.

      Do you have a measuring tape? The soft kind that you can roll up when you are not using it. I suggest buying one and keeping it at your computer! You will never be disappointed and will use it all the time. Especially for measuring your dollies.

      All that said, the feet on the Medium and Large dolls for the Neemo Flexion are the same size. This is something that every doll owner struggles with too: Trial and error in finding dolly shoes the right size. Over time you will be able to look at a pair of shoes and know what will fit your doll, but it does sometimes take time, trial and error if you are not buying items specifically made for that doll.

      If you want the Wilhelmina doll I suggest searching for doll clothing made specifically for dolls her size; in the 27cm range for 1/6 dolls.

      Does that help?
      Cheers and thank you so much for asking and posting!


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