SUGARPLUM For An Amazing Person

This is Sugarplum, a little sweetie I made for my good friend Amanda Nicholson as a surprise gift!



I’m finally getting around to doing this post. I meant to do it ages ago but first I had to wait until my friend received her surprise dolly, then I got busy with other stuff and just didn’t find time to blog about the dolly. THEN I forgot entirely. But today I was reminded and here we go!

This is Sugarplum! As I stated, she was a surprise gift a friend who just LOVES the dollies in the Blythe world but just didn’t have the time to start the hobby. So I sent her a doll and now she is happily on her journey into Blythe!

About Sugarplum:

Sugarplum’s face is entirely customized but I left her original hair and body.. I love her teeny frame!

Her customizations include: Nose, philtrum and mouth carved. Face painted and sealed. Eyelids painted and sparkled in my signature fashion and new, fluffy lashes! I think I signed her too. I normally forget to do that with my dolls but  when I do remember it’s on the back of the head.

I normally put my dolls on a fully poseable body and do an entire new reroot,  but as this was a surprise gift and I really wanted to get it to the recipient I chose to keep her on her little rubbery body. It does cost a lot of money and time for the bodies and reroots too as I always work with alpaca or mohair.

This is a ‘First Doll’ for my friend and I am happy to say that she is just smitten with her and that makes me SOO happy!! I am so pleased that she could join in our little world and share the pleasures of dolls and Blythe!!

XOXO Amanda!

Sugarplum's Sparkling Lids

Sugarplum’s Sparkling Lids





Sugarplum's Pull strings and charms

Sugarplum’s Pull strings and charms

Sugarplum's magnificent lids and lashes

Sugarplum’s magnificent lids and lashes



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