Broken Annie Now Available For Purchase!

Broken Annie is finally ready for sale!

Broken Annie is more than just a doll, she is a genuine marionnette. Her handler cross and strings can be removed to make her a more ‘regular’ doll, but I doubt she will ever be anywhere near normal or regular :) Be sure to scroll to the last picture here as it shows the main line that supports Broken Annie when she is a marionette. This string is vitally important to supporting her, but I made it with clear line so that you may brush it back and hide it behind her head for photoshoots. If you do not like it, it can be cut off but she will never hang as a proper marionette again if you do this.

Broken Annie has a tragic story here: and here: ALL of her details are also written there too! This includes the custom carving I did, face-up, eyes etc…

Broken Annie also stars in her own sad film here:

She comes with her own incredibly detailed and delicate masquerade masque that is entirely handmade by myself, and a pocket watch that I carefully cracked the glass on. It does still want to work so you have to keep resetting it back to midnight for photoshoots! :P Her clothes are all handmade by me too and she comes with a dress and petticoat. There is detailed info on that in the blog post too. The only thing not mentioned is that she comes with a pair of AMAZING Paradise Dolls Grannie boots! Also, her pull-charms are amazing. One is a smokey Victorian glass cabochon pendant and the other is a remarkable sparkling multi-faceted crystal. There is also a teeny little teardrop Swaovsky crystal tied onto one of the pulls too. I hope you enjoy that.

Lastly, and most importantly ;) Is Broken Annie’s magnificent hair. I have done an entire alpaca reroot on a coolcat scalp in an amazing shade of red. It is so divine I will be sad to see it go!

Altogther I am asking $850 including shipping worldwide for Broken Annie. She will come extremely carefully wrapped and I ship with the fastest possible option.
Paypal only. Please emal me and wait for an invoice. Lastly, please note that Broken Annie originally started life as a clone, but that does not take away any of the beauty that she is, or the effort I made in creating her as perfectly as I could.

Thank you ever so much!
Jo Moxie

joebreeze (at) hotmail dot com

Broken Annie acting like a regular girl - sans marionette strings.

Broken Annie acting like a regular girl – sans marionette strings.

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♥♥♥Please note that I am still new at this. Broken Annie is the 4th custom art doll I have ever created. Being handmade she will have slight differences and tiny imperfections. I hope you will view these as part of her personality and accept them as part of creating something unique. I put a lot of love -really!- and attention into my work and strive to create things that are as perfect as possible. Creating these dollies is truly one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I hope Broken Annie’s new owner loves and cares for her as much as I do. ♥♥♥

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