The Making Of Broken Annie

Hanging in The Balance.

Hanging in The Balance.

The creation process of making Broken Annie started with her name.

I was sitting with hubs one night and -as they usually do- I was hit with inspiration. But it came to me in two words: “Broken Annie”. I turned to hubs right away and exclaimed: “OMG! I just thought of the perfect name for a custom! Broken Annie!” and rushed over to my ‘ Black Book of Customs’  and wrote the name down beside the countless others.

After that, I didn’t really think of her again. I was working on Goldie at the time and when I work on a custom I try and stay focused on the project, or else I will run off and do other things and it will never get done. So Broken Annie stayed tucked away in my head and the little velvet book.

After I finished Goldie I decide that I had better pull Nettle back out. She is a tiny little sweetie I started after I finished Madison. She is so sweet and has a little snaggle tooth. But alas, when I thought of Goldie I stuffed Nettle away and started a new project. See what I mean about staying focused!?

So, after Goldie I decided I had better finish Nettle, but before I even pulled her of hiding out I was hit with inspiration again.

I don’t remember what it was that I was doing, but I suddenly saw her: Broken Annie.

I saw in such detail! There she was, hanging limp, lifeless, in complete darkness. Her hair long and flowing, hanging long and low from her drooping body. Her eyes were half closed and she was just… suspended..
And I thought; “Wow. How will I ever take pictures of her like that!?”
It wasn’t until I had finished carving her face that inspiration hit as to how I would do that.

There were some vital changes I did make from my original vision of Broken Annie. First and the most important was her hair. Until I had actually finished her face, Broken Annie was actually meant to have jet black hair! But after I carved and painted her face I realized that a deep, blood red would be more in keeping with her personality, and I LOOOVE red headed girls! They are my hands-down favourite. So a red head she became. And oh what a red it turned out to be! I am soo pleased with it! I am really happy with the lady who dyed it for me. The alpaca comes from a one-woman shop on Etsy and her products are the best out there. I will never go to anyone else.
So that was her hair. Her biggest feature.

The next thing that changed happened while I was carving her face. In my original vision, Broken Annie had a slightly open mouth with a slight down-turn to her lips, to represent her loss and sadness and also her surprise at being in the situation she found herself lost in. But when I was carving the down-ward sadness I just.. kept going! It just felt right and made sense. Then I decided to add the brass pegs to the corners of her mouth. It added dimension and a depth that really seemed to represent her pain, and just how much the pain and experience had changed her.

It was then that I realized that Broken Annie had decided what she wanted to be and just HOW I was going to be able to suspend her while she floated in the ether: Broken Annie became a Marionette.

EEK! I was soo pleased!  And in awe. I am always so surprised when I am hit by inspiration. And even more surprised when I can actually make my vision a reality. It’s weird to me, even after all these years of creation!  :P haha!

So there you have it. The creation of Broken Annie, and just how she came about.  There is  more to her -like her singed dress and her accessories- but I will leave that alone for now.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience in creating one of my dolls for there are lots more to come!!!




The Masque

The Masque: Made in the most delicate way possible.

Broken Annie's Support

Broken Annie’s Support

Lost Forever

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2 thoughts on “The Making Of Broken Annie

  1. Jackie says:

    awe Jo, she is AMAZING!!! Really, I had to look at the photos a few times. And I really enjoyed reading your story and your creative process on making this wonderful little girl. One of my favorite girls out there right now …xoxo


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