Sneak Peeks Of Goldie’s Stuff and A Picture of Bernardo

I’ve been creatin’ up a mad storm! Goldie’s room box still has to be made but it can wait a few more days because I still have more accessories to make. So far though, I have made A LOT. This girl is going to have the best of everything! Lots of clothing to choose from , wall decorations, room accessories and furniture!  Some of the decorations I have completed are a fabulous floral wreath, Goldie’s 3 bears – Daddy bear, Mommy bear and Baby bear, a tiny pink bear to snuggle, two dressers and a fireplace.

Now, about the items;

The 3 bears are soo sweet! Baby bear wears a pretty blue bow, Mommy wears a tiny little apron -that you can remove if you wish! But I wouldn’t because re-tying the tiny bows would be difficult, if you wanted bows again- and Daddy wears a little brown faux suede vest that you can remove. All the bears are fully poseable and if you are feeling fussy enough, they can stand on their own.

Goldie’s wreath;

LOTS and lots of artificial flowers, sparkled stamens, pink ribbon bows…. all hand wired around a frame. It took me a day to make and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The fireplace;

This item is the COOLEST.  I sanded the inner area and painted it a lovely gold. I did the decorative finials too. The grate in front of the fireplace can be removed to leave you with a variety of decorating options! It also comes with the teeny candles I made ( blogged at an earlier date HERE) and tiny handmade fireplace logs (HERE). You can leave the grate in for either, prop it at the side or use it as a tiny ladder or as a prop to hang tiny dolly things on!! So cute! I may or may not decide to use the fireplace though. It all depends on how things fit together in the end. But chances are more than likely that I will.

The wallpaper;

Did you SEE the wallpaper!? It’s a gold brocade design and it’s amazing.

The dressers;

Now, I will only be using one of these dressers. They have been sanded, repaired, holes and spaces filled, knobs re-glued where necessary, and painted with 3-4 coats of Martha Stewart’s ‘Fruit Punch’ pink paint. It has a glorious pearlized sheen to it! I then glossed them with super gloss twice.  I have not decided which one yet she will have yet. As I stated above, depending on if I use the fireplace will depend on if I use both dressers or just one. I DO want to use the fireplace though! Fingers crossed!

So now on to the pictures!

Goldie's gorgeous floral wreath

Goldie’s gorgeous floral wreath

Goldie's fabulous dressers

Goldie’s fabulous dressers

Goldie's 3 Bears

Goldie’s 3 Bears

Sample fun with the fireplace

Sample fun with the fireplace

Now, here is a picture of Bernardo enjoy the snowstorm we had on Monday. He was ecstatic!

Sweet Bernardo In The Snowstorm

Sweet Bernardo In The Snowstorm

Thanks for reading! More pictures will be posted as I progress.

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