Super Huge Update

I have been SO busy! It’s been awesome.  Prepare thyself for mine update.

Ok, so first off I would like to talk about the amazing little ‘pod things’ I bought on Etsy. I honestly don’t know what they are called. It doesn’t matter. The point is, I bought them from a seller called Intirado and they are great.  She was really great to work with because I was a bit of a difficult customer when I was trying to figure out what I wanted. Eventually I just said; “You know what? Just give me one of everything you have”. Plus I bought two other listings too. I haven’t received them yet and am just SOO anxious to get them! I check the mailbox every day even though I know it is still too soon.
So, what am I going to do with these little, fabulous things? I am making tiny terrariums out of them for my doll houses! I’ve already collected the moss and made a ton of super cute things for them.  Observe:

Terrarium Fillers

Terrarium Fillers

Yes, in the last picture that is a teeny window box with two teeny mushrooms in it. They are so small my hubs almost had to use a magnifying glass to see them!

I will also be making a few with the teeny candles I made that I blogged about previously. If you are wondering where I got the ideas for these; Well I knew what I wanted but I was feeling just so lazy about creating them that I scoped out a few places where people make really cool fairy houses and mushroom homes etc.. So I googled that and found this shop: bewilderandpine. It is SOO BEAUTIFUL! I emailed them along with pictures of the little houses I made that were inspired from theirs. Mine are MUCH crappier, but they should be. See if you can find the ones I was inspired by ;)

Here are a few more that I made from my own head;


The last pic (the little house) isn’t finished yet as I want to cover the roof with moss. That’s why it looks so lame.

Moving on;

Our best friends daughter celebrated her 4th birthday last weekend. I wanted to do something special for this sweet little girl -who has a wonderful, loving older sister. A few months back the amazing idea came to me  in the shower (where most of my amazing ideas happen:P ): I should make her a monster version of herself and stories to go with it! Thus, Molo was born! Molo stands for many things: Monster Lolo (her nickname), Monster Love and More Lolo (because people can’t get enough of this hilarious and adorable child). Plus, it’s fun to say. So I made the monster -with suggestions and feedback from the hubs- and wrote the stories – which hubs had to take over typing, editing, printing, scaling ….everything else. He also gave valuable ideas and suggestions for the stories. We wrote the last one in the book together.

Behold: The monster!

Having Fun With Molo

Having Fun With Molo

That is her big sister playing with Molo’s super long arms. It is SOO cute seeing little Lolo dragging him around with his arms trailing behind them and Molo looks SO happy ♥

Molo is made with deep purple velvet, stretchy cotton, non-stretch cotton and embellishments (check out his hot pink furry feet!) There are three stories in all in the book. Each one has a family member from Lolo’s real family: a mommy in one, a daddy in another and a sister in the last. The last story is the best one :) It has Molo and Lolo riding a hot air balloon, cotton candy, a lost sister and saving the day.

Each name is highlighted so that she can recognize the names and it makes it more fun. We also used tons of bright colours and fonts to keep it interesting for her. There are also a few illustrations to go along with the stories. We also put in morals and the like -I’m into that stuff.

The first page is a double sided sheet for her mommy to add pictures of Molo and Lolo together! Or whoever she wants in her book.


Now on to Goldie.

She is finally finished!  I still have to make her home (huge taskl) and take and edit about a million pictures, but the hard parts are done and I can breathe a bit again! Sooo happy :)
In this picture you can see her: mohair re-root, styled pageant hair and complete face-up that includes eyelashes, special technique glittered lids, eye shadows in pink, bronze and gold shimmer, light blushing and high gloss lips. Her lips have been carved as has her nose, nostrils and philtrum and she has a sweet little dimple! The camera didn’t do well catching it but I’m sure it will show up better in later pics.

Gorgeous Girl

Gorgeous Girl

Whenever I’m working on a new doll, or have to store one for a bit I put them in these cute glasses we have. It keeps their hair from getting crimped, their bodies straight, their outfits wrinkle free and the best part: THEY DON’T TIP OVER. Like those blasted stands. GARR!
The glasses are the perfect size and they look adorable when I pose them with their arms resting on the lip :)
…please ignore the lack of pants.


Ok I want to get this done so super fast writing:
Bernardo arrived in the post the other day!! Oh he is ever so fabulous! Check him out:

Sweet Bernardo

Sweet Bernardo

As I said on my Facebook Page and Flickr, he arrived with a voracius appetite, a hankering for cheese and was super excited to be out in the snowstorm. He just loves the snow (he is a winter child) so living in Canada is the perfect place for him. Isn’t he wonderful?! The whole family just adores him.
He is made by doll artist Anastasia Georgiu. You can haunt her here:

I highly encourage you to check her out. She is a tremendous person and amazing artist.

Two last things:

I finally got my business cards done! The hubs did all the work, I gave my input and VOILA!


Front and Back

And lastly; Check out the fireplace logs miniatures I made for dollhouse fireplaces! I have 4 fireplaces coming to me in the mail and I can’t wait to see how they look in them. Goldie will have the option of putting a selection of candles in hers, or the logs. I don’t know if this is the type of thing someone would want to buy? Personally, I was floored at how expensive it was to buy them from anywhere, so I just went out, found some sticks and glued my own.

Doll House fireplace logs

Doll House fireplace logs



What a catch up! I really shouldn’t do this again. But I probably will. A leopard can’t change it’s spots.


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