I can hear a bird outside! And some of Goldie’s outfits and some teeny, tiny candles HURRAH!

YAY! Spring is coming! Oh god. This winter was a really gorgeous one, and a good one. It was about time we had a decent winter that wasn’t my-last-three-fingers-just-fell-off cold. But still, I want it to be over and have the warm weather here.

Now, on to Goldie:

I have been making her a TON of awesome clothes! This girl is going to come with a complete wardrobe -being the spoiled brat that she is.

Here are some of the ones I have made so far (the pompom slipper-socks are from a seller on Etsy) ! I particularly like the wee nylon stockings. SO cute! And the FLASHDANCE OUTFIT!!! Of course!

Pageant Dress with Stars and Gold beading

Sparkling Blue Pageant Dress with Stars and Gold beading

Collage of outfits!

Collage of outfits!

So far she comes with:

-pink leg warmers

-pompom slipper socks

-a Flashdance outfit: Black leggwarmers and dance sweatshirt

-Sparkly Blue long pageant gown

-Blue satin pageant dress decorated with blue roses and a big white satin bow on the back.

-white socks with bows and pearls

-fancy handmade silk shoes (not made my me)

-a pair of nylon stockings

– a Christmastime Pageant dress
Thats’s all the clothes for now. I don’t know if I will add more. I might add a pair of boots in there… I am undecided! I don’t want to go overboard…

So Goldie’s hair is finally done too! I will post pics of it later. My arm is really killing me at the moment. I tore my rotor cuffs a few years back and that stuff never fully heals, so I get awfully sore sometimes. It can get quite painful. I’m ok though! :) Just over-sharing.

Now, here are some candles I made last night for Goldie’s room. She will have a fireplace that you can change up with either logs or decorative candles!

Candles 1

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