I Am Blogging Twice Today And This Is The First One; How To Block Dishonest Buyers On EBay

So, you’ve heard about some narsty people out there who have succeeded in scamming others out of their hard-earned money and goods on eBay and you want to block them from your eBay so they can’t scam you too.  ORRRR they HAVE succeeded in scamming you and you want to block them. Or you just have decided you don’t like them.

Here’s how you can block them and fine tune who you sell to, where etc.. (click any pictures to make them bigger):

1.Log into your ebay.

2. Hover over the ACCOUNT link at the top then select SITE PREFERENCES. It should look like so:

Ebay preferences

3. On the right hand side are SHOW options. You may click these then click EDIT and change what you need as you prefer (ooohh hence the ‘preferences”! How smart of them). Don’t worry about losing your place/this page as every time you edit and click save it takes you back to THIS page and you can click the next preference.

4. BLOCKING INDIVIDUALS: This one is kind of hidden. Typical eBay. In this list, third from the bottom is BUYER REQUIREMENTS. Click SHOW then EDIT.  At the bottom of this list is where you find the link to blocking people. It looks like thus:


Follow the directions and there you go!

Now, if you’re saying to yourself; “What the heck is the user ID and where do I find it!?” Fear not. It’s actually just the name that everyone uses for their eBay. For example “Ilovetacos999” or “lovelydayfriend’ etc… You can find this ID at the top of everyone’s eBay next to the star in parentheses. Example: Here is me. I have circled my ID in RED and my feedback score in GREEN:


So there you go!

To end, here is a link to information about feedback scores, stars etc.. It’s really thorough so give it a read! http://pages.ebay.com/help/feedback/scores-reputation.html

If you want to know more about how to use eBay, leave me a comment! And keep tuned in. I plan on doing a blog on HOW TO USE FEEDBACK PROPERLY. It’s really frustrating how many people out there do NOT use it properly or know why it’s there! And I will blog any questions you have on how to use the Evil Bay.





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