Bad Dolly Deals and The People Who Scam You and Why You Should Be Careful On The Internet When You Buy & Sell and Money & Trust Don’t Mix

Some serious stuff is going down in the dolly kingdom right now. Some horrible person named ‘Margeau’, ‘Sweetpeach” whatever has really, REALLY screwed over some wonderful people. Skimmed down into basic terms, she did this:
Told person A she wanted to sell a doll. Gave person A paypal address -we will call this ‘addy’.
Person A pays for doll to ‘addy’.
Doll never arrives.
Person A contacts Margeau and Margeau gives fake tracking number.
Person A becomes alarmed and contacts via ‘addy’.
“Addy’ has no idea who Margeau is and has just sent HER dolly to Margeau, unknowingly while Person A foots the bill.
Now ‘addy’ and Person A are out a lot of money and a doll and Margeau sits at home on her throne of lies with a free doll, that she ALSO might sell in the future for a lot of money.

So this got me thinking again of something that I think a lot. I posted the following on Bad Dolly Deals (links below). I added more here though, that you won’t see there:

I think people involved in buying and selling on the internet need to learn to do the following. It’s really just 2 simple things:

1. Never send someone money without a detailed invoice. You should never just pay for something without a bill first. So ALWAYS wait until the seller sends you an detailed invoice!!!

2. Never ship to anywhere OTHER THAN the CONFIRMED Paypal mailing address. Ever. If the person says they moved, too bad. If they won’t change their address within a reasonable time -personally I would call and ask Paypal how long a change of address takes – then you should return their funds and wait until they fix their Paypal mailing address. If you DID move, that’s usually something one changes asap! I know, I did it for myself. Twice. Also, when I knew I was moving, I made sure to forward my mail AND I tried not to order anything online until I had changed my Paypal mailing address. Again, only ship to CONFIRMED mailing addresses. 
Also, NEVER mark something as a gift unless it IS a gift. You are heading for disaster if you do this. If you are caught by your postal services you are in for a LOAD of trouble. It is illegal. So don’t do it. If someone asks you to do this so they can save on customs charges just politely decline. 

3. It is really hard to ‘just change’ your Paypal email address. Paypal is not that lenient. If someone says they changed their email address and gives you a new email address don’t pay.  And this is where number 1. – waiting for an invoice- comes back into play.

Please take all your dealings seriously. It’s nice knowing there are such wonderful and trusting folks out there but when it comes down to it, money is money and you should never mess around. If someone isn’t willing to send you an invoice then it’s not worth it. Friend or stranger, do it the right way and the likely-hood of something like this happening is much MUCH less likely! Also, Paypal puts their policies in place to PROTECT. People need to start thinking of them less as guidelines and more as rules.

Anyway, I hear about this kind of thing a lot. I wish that more people would do the things I stated. It would be so much easier, wouldn’t it?

That said, I hope will all my heart this horrible margeauwhatever gets her due. She needs to legally pay for her actions. If it is left to just Paypal, what does she learn? She can just do this all over again, with any name she chooses. It’s that simple. And also, it’s easy to change your IP address, not answer emails, stop posting pictures and just keep doing what she’s doing. To add; Paypal isn’t a legal course of action. It’s a business. They want to protect their customers while making money. That’s it, that’s all.

However, should the proper authorities become involved then she will pay for what she did and you will all save others from having this happen to them. It’s possible too that Paypal will never allow her to have ANY account again.

This circumstance is just one reason among many  why society demands all births be recorded, names be recorded, name changes and previous names recorded and associated, credit histories recorded, credit cards, names and address linked to all of this… etc… etc.. Laws are in place for a reason: To protect. So do the right thing;  Report ANYONE who commits a crime. If you do not, you just allow the problem to proliferate. Letting people ‘get away with it’ – regardless of how you personally and/or privately came to an agreement-  just hurts others in the long run. Everyone should consider it a duty to report crime. No matter how small. Reporting crimes is THE LAW. It is every citizens duty to report crimes. Period. You are doing a serious injustice to yourself and everyone else this person is taking advantage of.

That’s it for now.  Continue buying beautiful dollies and having fun in a community that cares! And remember, I honestly and truly care. And if you should ever choose to buy one of my custom dollies you should probably be prepared: You have made a friend of me for life ♥


If you are interested in this latest horrible situation, you can read about it in the following places: – S.O.S Blythe: A group to discuss dolls, bad dolly deals and uh, stuff. It’s fun. Join and follow the rules.  – This is Blythe Kingdom. THE PLACE to go for all things Blythe and the first place to go -even before eBay- for serious Blythe Collectin’s – This is Bad Dolly Deals. If you are concerned or want to look someone up regarding their history, look here.

♥♥♥!!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥

Paypal has a time limit for how long they give you to get a refund for something you purchased. If you have not received your item(s) before this date then you SHOULD be reporting it to them before it is up. I think it is 45 days (will look into it). I highly suggest that if you are waiting up to 42/43 days and have still not received your goods you OPEN A DISPUTE IMMEDIATELY. 
NOTHING should ever take that long to arrive to you, anywhere in the world. 
IF you have chosen to have it shipped via boat, that takes @3 months. This option usually goes hand-in-hand with free shipping. ASK how it will be arriving, compare arrival times to what you paid for shipping and KEEP TRACK.

If you choose to go beyond the time limit they set for opening up a dispute/getting a refund, then you risk losing all your money, being stressed out and not getting ANY money back at all as this time frame protects the seller too.

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4 thoughts on “Bad Dolly Deals and The People Who Scam You and Why You Should Be Careful On The Internet When You Buy & Sell and Money & Trust Don’t Mix

  1. kewpie83 says:

    You have some great tips here! I’m leery of buying dolls from any source other than eBay or actual legitimate websites. I even google search stores I’ve never shopped at before. Great post!

    • mizzmoxie says:

      Thank you!
      That is a great idea to google search stores to get more info on them. I too only buy from eBay or Etsy, but if they provide Paypal and are willing to do things the right way, there should be no reason to avoid them if they have what you want. Thanks for the input!! XOXOX

  2. AtomicBlythe says:

    Brilliantly put! Thank you, I’ve been trying to say the same things but I think I just put my foot in my mouth. :/

    • mizzmoxie says:

      HAHA! I was worried about the same thing! But it came down to “I think this needs to be said.” So I said it.
      I am about to edit a few things in it. I thought of some things I should have added.
      Thanks sooo much for stopping by! I was soo pleased to have someone from the Blythe community read AND comment!


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