AWWW-EEE I Love Organizing and An Organized Blah Blah is an Blah Blah Blah

There is nothing like brand new art supplies. MMMmmm MM!  A few months back I bought this awesome chalk set from China via eBay. When it arrived they were ALL out of sorts and tossed around in their little plastic container like a salad at a truckers family reunion.

They were also totally covered in each others filth -the chalk, not the truckers.  So the other night I finally sat down and resolved the problem. I took out each piece of chalk and organized them into colour groupings that work for me. Then I washed the container and to get the water out of the blasted grooves I proceeded to slap it on anything I walked past on my way to putting it on the heat vent. This would be the kitchen counter, the doorway and each end of the kitchen table. It worked swell! How very scientific of me.  Then, due to the fact that we live in EFFING CANADA,  it was dry in no time because the heat has been going hard at it like a Granny and her knitting. Then -wonder of wonders- I wiped down each chalk individually and I was done the end.

Chalkity Chalk Chalk Chalk

Chalkity Chalk Chalk Chalk



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