Sneak Peek at GOLDIE!

It’s time for another doll and another sneak peek! Here is Goldie and her hair. It’s mohair, tea dyed and looks DA BOMB! She has a streak but it’s pushed back at the mo’. This is her face but I haven’t finished carving it yet. Or giving her a face-up….or eyelashes….
The end.


Significant Other and I just came back from a few hours at the pub. Good times, good food, good beer and no ability to properly think and type.

The End Again

Goldie's hair: Mohair-Unfinished, unstyled.

Goldie’s hair: Mohair-Unfinished, unstyled. thatched

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3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at GOLDIE!

  1. kewpie83 says:

    Did you make the wig? It looks great! (I tried wig making, but gave it up when I realized I was horrible at it!)

    • mizzmoxie says:

      Ok, I’m sitting here lmao! You are so funny! Send pics :P It’s a re-root, but I would like to try wigs too. I am running out of scalps and I like the rooting task so much that I might move to making wigs! I find it cathartic.
      I am so pleased you like this!! It really helps me because this is only the third one I have ever done and my first with mohair. I practiced with two others using italian yarn on one and wool yarn on another (see my Flickr). I did do another after Goldie, but you will just have to wait for the surprise to see what I used ;) If you want the practice I highly suggest buying cheap yarn and using a scalp you don’t care about. You can rip out and start over and over until you get it!

      • kewpie83 says:

        Oh, no. My wigs were so horrible. I could never figure out how to measure them properly or cut them right. And sewing was never my thing… One or two came out okay, but the rest were just.– not good… :) I was thinking of playing with different types of hair on some of my future reroots, though. I can get expensive always having to buy saran or nylon (and then running out and having to re-order). Really, Goldie looks great so far!


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