Dollies, Mohair and More!

I haven’t been blogging for two reasons;

1. I started Goldie and OMG IT’S SO MUCH FUN that I don’t want to do anything else and,

2. i dohn wanna.

Ok, here are some pictures of the progress I am making with Goldie’s re-root. I switched the type of hair I was using to mohair. I tea-dyed it a nice, light golden tan and conditioned it with my super good, super awesome smelling conditioner to help it attain that high level of touchable softness that mohair has. I know, you might be thinking; Not scent free!? But seriously, I don’t care, it’s soo nice and I still have to do a wet and style when it’s all rooted anyway so most of the scent will be gone and there will just be a hint of it. Trust me, it will be wonderful. If you are curious though, find the Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner and give it a sniff. Besides, who makes scent-free conditioner?

Mmmmm sniffy goodness

So truse me, you will not be disappointed. But remember, Goldie’s hair will not smell as strong as it will have had a few rinses by then, with the rooting and styling processes.

So, on to the pictures.

Here is some of the mohair after I have dyed it:

Washed, dyed and Unseparated

You can really see how gloriously soft and shiny it is. It truly is amazing. It has this pearlized shine to it that is stunning. I can’t stop looking at it and stroking it!

Here it is separated and knotted. I am doing the knot method for this re-root.  An Organized Mind Is A Clean MindI choose to knot in the middle and pull each end through.

Notice that some is super floofy and others are super wavy. It is because those ones were wet down again after I knotted them so I could get an exact length for sorting them into their respective piles. I stopped doing it after a while because it really was unnecessary.  Also, it’s a good idea to place all mohair on a towel of some sort, as they like to stray. The towel acts as a sticker. Sort of like when you played with those felt pictures in kindergarten and made little felt picnics and there were little felt dogs and little felt people with little felt clothes and everything magically stuck to each other. Feltily.

It takes a REALLLY long time between receiving the mohair (which is normally already washed and combed from the supplier), preparing it for a re-root and having the finished scalp. I received this mohair on Friday and have been working with it steadily since. I an now at the point where, even though I have not completely separated and knotted all the mohair, I can begin rooting Goldie’s scalp. I will start that today while watching t.v!

I like to print out copies of a dolly face I photoshopped and practice there first, to get a general idea of what I might want, to see if I come up with ideas I didn’t think of and just generally have fun. It also makes me laugh to draw really silly ones. And who knows, they might actually work out!  Here are some current and previous and ones, including Madison’s!

Vat Eez Ahhrrt?

After this I have fun making ‘ face-up samples’ on a sanded, uncarved face. I do this to both practice for perfection and see what looks I like best for my current dolly. I do this over and over on the face, washing and designing, washing and designing, until I am happy! Both with the design and my skill. You can tell here that this is a ‘first go’. I really just wanted to fool around, so this isn’t a serious prototype, just a fun one.

Sample Fun

Ok, that’s it for today. Next time I will take pics of the difference between an uncarved, sanded face and a carved one (Goldie’s)!

A special THANK YOU to my friend Caryn B. for asking me to do a dolly play-by-play. I’ve been meaning to and she gave me the kick in the pants I needed. Thanks Caryn!! Miss you!!

BW oXo

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