How To Keep Your Blasted Thermos Warm….-er

I don’t know what it is, or why but it seems I cannot find a suitable thermos to keep my kids lunch warm. Or mine for that matter.

When I was a kid we had AWESOME thermos’s. They were lined with glass and it was a gamble to take them to school and bring them home in one piece, but WOW did they keep food warm! Hot! You could put anything in those suckers and they would hold the heat. Even on super cold days. They were easy to find and not ridiculously expensive.

Now though, everything is made of steel and as you know, metal is always cold. So the inside temp might be hot but it’s constantly fighting with the outside. Which, here in Canada is what I like to refer the temperature to as ‘stupidcold’.  So you have the outside temp fighting with the inside temp and keeping your lunch a nice and even lukewarm. UGH. I feel just awful when my son comes home and says his spaghetti and meatballs was cold. How gross is that!?

So I came up with a temporary solution!  Unfortunately his solution has been temporary for a few years, due to the fact that finding a great thermos has been impossible. Fortunately, it looks AWESOME.

Behold! The Thermos Warmer!

Wooly Warmth

What I did

This gets complicated so if you want to do this, pay attention;

Take a pair of wool socks.

Cut off the toe.

Pull sock over thermos.

Fasten with rubber bands if it is slippy.


Now, some of you have been suggesting that I fill this up with hot water first and let it sit. I know that. It doesn’t work :P I do this.  I put in boiling water, I heat the dang food up until it’s scorching and it’s STILL cold! And the thermos’s I have are not cheap either.

Alas, ’tis I war I deem lost.

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2 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Blasted Thermos Warm….-er

  1. Anonymous says:

    I find it helps if you boil water put it in the Thermos for a couple of minutes, dump it then fill it….Emma says her lunch is still hot at lunch…but again…that’s not with the Thermos being outside for any lenght of time…on the bus…and into shcool!


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