Thrifty Finds At Low Prices And The Road To Hell

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I really understood just what this saying meant, and it fits well with my current inability to follow through on a few projects and promises.

I don’t normally do that. I am one of those people that HAS to finish what I start -or promise- because it hangs over my brain until I do it. And it should, because if one starts something, one should finish it. This includes fighting, eating and napping, explicitly.

This time though, I am talking about promising a wonderful seller for whom, instead of leaving her glowing feedback in her Etsy store, I was going to blog about my wonderful shopping experience with her.  Now, this was in October. Little did I think to plan ahead with that promise, which I should have as if i had thought about it I would know my To-Do List was full to the brim. I was in the middle of creating my first custom doll and her doll house, amongst MANY other regular life things, Halloween AND organizing, shopping and getting ready for Christmas. The doll project took me about 3 months to complete when all was said and done. Had I known it would take that long -it being a first for me, others will not be so long- I would not have made the promise. But I did and I waited THIS LONG to blog my promise.

So today I finally picked up the box full of stuff that I have had sitting right here beside me for the past three months and took pictures of all the amazing things in it. In a big way I am glad that I waited this long because I really wanted to give it my full attention, and the attention the seller deserves. I can’t begin to express just how wonderful my experience was with this seller, from beginning to end. The shop is amazing and the prices are way too low :P

First off, lets tell you who I am talking about:

This seller has a shop FULL of amazing vintage-y and thrifty finds. There was a Unicorn stein that I wanted SO badly but it sold while I was talking to the owner about putting together my order. Which is funny. But if I ever find who bought my stein imma punch them right in the face.

Now, on to what I bought!

I originally planned on buying just one of her listings for a few tiny dolls that I wanted for my doll projects but it turned into many annoying emails from me as I kept adding more and more! In the end I received the following:

Let’s start with what my items arrived in; GORGEOUS fabric! Tons of it! I couldn’t believe it because it was just what I needed to add to my fabric stock! What a wonderful surprise. It was also all wrapped up in gloriously silky satin ribbon in lime green with a bat pattern! Just in time for Halloween! So cute.
The pink bag is possibly the cutest bag I have ever seen. Inside was a BUNCH of free gifts!! I got so many free gifts my head almost exploded. One of the things I received but I forgot to picture was an entirely new, unused Simplicity Pattern for Blythe dolls!! I actually yelled out AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! When I opened it. And then danced. It was seriously generous. I have always wanted some!

Scroll over the pics to see what I wrote about them and click to make them bigger.

Ok, the following are the things I ordered. Keep in mind that I paid practically PENNIES for all these items! What a score!! I only bought three of 4 of these dollies and the rest were gifts.

I dunnoOk, so the free gifts were most of those dollies, the fabric, and these hilarious things. I have no idea what they are but I was thinking they would make bad-ass helmets for my sons action figures.

More cute pics:

So there it is! I hope you stop by GrimmGoods because the seller is amazing, kind, warm and wonderful to talk to. And their prices are ridiculous and shipping is NOT an arm and a leg. Really!!

Now, here are some photos of some cute things I have:

Mint fuzzy Barbie coat for my Blythes

Mint fuzzy Barbie coat for my Blythes

I put in the doll I painted and tutu'd for my Madison doll. (See other blogs below for info about her and her doll house!)

I put in the doll I painted and tutu’d for my Madison doll. (See other blogs below for info about her and her doll house!)

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