Ebay Is Evil AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH But I maybe fixed it I think maybe yes but I don’t know

So the story starts of as such:

I am so unhappy

My listing on Ebay was showing no interest and I took a really good look at it. It turns out it isn’t showing up on Ebay AT ALL. I called Ebay and they tried too and don’t know what is wrong. It WAS showing up then nothing. Now I have to wait 72 hours for them to look into it and get back to me. At that time my listing will have expired. At least they admitted it was their fault.
I worked really hard on it. I spent MONTHS planning it, getting my supplies together and actually making it. A LOT of time and work went into this project, and money too! To have Ebay just screw me over like this is just the worst. On top of that the shipping options won’t let me ship to Canada. I LIVE in Canada! And the worldwide shipping option? Nope. They give you all the options but then when you hit enter, it says it only ships to USA.

I feel so sorry for myself today :( I am really, really unhappy.
And then:
Ok. So after ages on the phone, some tears and awesome hugs from Jim I had to delete the old listing. I lost all the people who were watching it and still have to pay the fees associated with it.
 I did re-list and have to pay more fees n shizz but at least now the listing is showing up in searches, the shipping is A-Ok and I have one watcher! That is good. This time around, it feels right. There was something ‘off’ last time and I am so glad I really looked into it and figured out it was the ‘not showing up in searches AT ALL’ thing.  I am still kinda unhappy because it doesn’t just go away but I think after a bath with some candles and some lunch I will be feeling better.

Madison is now here:  http://t.co/yG4KkIkj

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2 thoughts on “Ebay Is Evil AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH But I maybe fixed it I think maybe yes but I don’t know

  1. jodyodeeo says:

    She’s a piece of art!!! Amazing work! Glad it worked out. :)


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