My Favourite Doll Artist Just Got Better!

This is very exciting; My favourite doll creator-Nefer Kane, aka Circus Kane- has created herself a brand new website! You can now easily view her current creations, past creations, prototypes and amazing pictures of face-ups she has done on her dolls. To add to that, the visual surprise one receives upon first seeing her website is incredibly exciting! She has done a really great circus theme that makes me feel all happy and gleeful! It makes me want to buy everything while eating candy floss and getting candy apple all over my keyboard. It’s sheer brilliance.  Kudos to Nefer for creating something so visually stimulating!

If you scroll to the bottom of her site you can  link yourself to her face-book or her personal blog where you can get a personal view of her life and understand just how loving, thoughtful and deep she is, or send her a message to ask her anything you need:  She is an open book and really easy to talk to. A small email I sent to Nefer as a query turned into a wonderful experience for me and now I consider Nefer very close to my heart. It is an honour to know that I will soon be in possession of one of her creations, and that I will always have a part of her wonderful soul in my home!

If you haven’t clicked on Nefer’s name to go to her site yet, do it now!


All pictures Copyright of Nefer Kane.

Nefer Kane’s fabulous Iracebeth. My current favourite creation!

One of Nefer’s face-ups done on Iracebeth. All pictures are copyright of Nefer Kane.

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