Madison’s Story

Poor little Madison. Such a dreamer… Sadly though, for Madison, her dreams stay dreams and she has become lost in her own head.
It all began because of her twin sister, Goldie. Everyone loves Goldie. Everyone but Madison, because Madison knows the real Goldie. Madison knows that everything that she has become is because of Goldie.
Goldie. Perfect, angelic sister… Oh how she hates her!
And so it began; Once upon a time, in a house that was cold in some parts, warm in others. With a mother who was cold in most parts and warm in few others. And with a sister, who was the coldest and unwarmest of all.
Poor sweet Madison -of dark hair and quiet, thoughtful disposition- never had a word to say. Watching and listening, doing her own things and playing in her own ways. People thought she was ‘different’ and often told her mother so. Her mother would agree and say things like ‘She’s nothing like Goldie’.
Hurtful, hurtful mother. Perfect, perfect Goldie.
One day -like many, many others-Goldie told a lie. She told it to her mother and her mother -of course- believed her. But this was a different lie from the others. It was horrid. The repercussions of this lie fell on Madison, and only Madison knew the truth. But she could never tell. Because the lie was so horrible that Madison’s mother did the worst thing she could;
She sewed Madison’s mouth shut.
Now Madison could NEVER tell another lie.
Or another truth.
Now Madison is lost in her own head, in her own world, with her dreams and wishes of things never to come true. Playing in her dark room with the curtains drawn and her toys gathered close around her…waiting….

Madison will be available for bidding/adoption beginning December 15, 2012 in my Ebay store!

The Creation of Madison

Madison started off as a boring and messy little doll that had stiff rubbery limbs. I have done the following to make her perfect:

Face: Madison’s face has had her factory make-up removed and was then sand-matted to remove the super shine.  Her mouth and philtrum have been entirely removed and what was left has been strongly reinforced with a ‘papier mache’ type of molding.  Her nose has been carefully re-shaped and she was given nostrils. She does, after all, need to breathe :) I then gave her a coat of MSC flat, did her face-up -which includes a white-wash- and then applied another coat of MSC flat.

Eyes: Madison has four sets of eyes. An intense blue, a creepy pink and very clear charcoal. Her last pair are the amazing ones: One of these eyes is a perfect black button! The other; a glass eye that has an amazing ghostly white luster. It shines in all types of light and seems to glow and reflect.  It is one of a kind and an antique. It was originally a button that has been passed down from my husbands GREAT grandmother! She was a button collector, as was her daughter and lasty, my mother in law. Sadly, she passed away at only 64 (almost 2 years ago now) but she passed all her buttons on to me :) I know this eye won’t be special to you but I do feel it is to Madison, who needs all the love she can get :)

Madison has also been given sleep-eyes.

Lids: Madison’s lids were quite an ordeal (fun!). I removed her factory make-up then sand-matted her eyelids, applied a coat of MSC Flat, then painted her lids black. I then applied vintage Silver German Glass Glitter and let it dry. Then I added more German Glass Glitter, let it dry, then added superfine, super sparkly silver glitter ( a few times to make them perfect) to really make her lids stand out and sparkle. And boy do they sparkle!! I really can’t express how ultimately sparkly they are. I am really pleased with the result.

Eyelashes: Yup. I used those. Nice, long soft lashes. Of course, she came with some ugly plastic-y ones which I removed and replaced with the luscious ones you see!

Hair: Madison has the hair she arrived with. I have painstakingly straightened it after treating it. She then received a very fashionable and well suited hair cut! It “V’s” in the back too.

Body: Madison has a super tiny, super cute, fully posable body. It is a Picco Neemo XS. Her body measures only 13cm!  From head to toe Madison measures only 19.5cms!  Madison is considered a 1/12th size doll.

Clothing: All of Madison’s clothing is entirely designed and hand constructed by me. I am including 2 dresses for Madison- A gorgeous fully-lined grey poly-silk dress with the softest tulle trim ever and high neck collar that can be worn up over her mouth or down around her shoulders. The other: a pouffy black silk velvet dress with the same grey tulle trim and white satin sleeves and collar. She also comes with adorable teeny grey socks trimmed in black lace. The lace is neat because you can pull it up over her knees or fold it down over the socks, flip them over the top of her boots to make the boots look fancy or just tuck the lace into the boots! Her socks also pull up or you can slouch them for a super adorable look. She also comes with a real Swarovski crystal necklace and 2 veils: a tulle Death Bride veil and a Mourning Veil. The Mourning Veil ties on with satin ribbons and the Death Bride veil has a smooth alligator clip hidden beneath a glorious scrunchy flower that is embedded with Swarovski crystals.

Pull-Strings: Madison’s original pull-strings have been replaced with black satin ribbon -the same as I used on her Mourning Veil. The pulls consist of a black charm with a bird motif and the other has three beads: Two crystal cut clear ones that sparkle and throw rainbows that center a jet black facet cut bead. All are glass.

Extras: Madison comes with an abundance of extras!! They are listed as such, including the ones aforementioned:

-her doll box of course! The box is hinged, latched and embellished (see pics). Inside is her permanently affixed furnishings: dresser, console, ornate black frame with original artwork from ARTIST BETHALYNNE BAJEMA along with the other two framed pictures from the same artist! If you have time I highly stress you look her up. She is exceptional at her work and also a wonderful person. I want to take this moment to sincerely thank Bethalynne for the use of her spectacular art.

FIVE pairs of interchangeable hands (incl. the ones she wears). That is a total of 10 different ways to mix n’ match them!

-a red vintage velvet teddy bear

-a tiny vintage creep doll wearing a tutu -hand-painted and outfit made by me

-a real, hand made velvet diary with blank pages. The pages are made with antique writing paper.

-two veils: Death Bride and Mourning Veil

-two handmade dress

-one pair of handmade socks

-one pair of teeny black boots

-2 hand crochet’d rugs of faux angora (super soft and fuzzy and allergen free!)

-2 tiny corked glass bottles

-one real quartz crystal

-one necklace: A Swarovski tear-drop crystal hung on black chain. You should see this tiny thing sparkle!

-2 stacks of miniature reproduction TinTypes/Dageurreotypes (photographs) wrapped in stain ribbons; a total of TWENTY-SIX. Please read on for how these are made for you:

              Each photo has been miniaturized then hand cut and glued onto a cardstock backing to add solidarity to each photo and to make them easy to prop up. I then hand glazed each photo with a tiny brush to add realism! Some of the photos have a matte glaze and some have a super high gloss.

-a free gift! Strung on antiqued chain is a cameo framing a gorgeous Madison just for you! It will fit anyone.

Please click here to see Madison’s movie  “Madison’s Story” 

For pictures:

If you have any questions or comments about myself or this project please do not hesitate to ask!! I love people and I love talking! ( as you can tell by my blog title :P )

Cheers, Love and Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Please note that this is my first custom art doll I have ever created. Being handmade she will have slight differences and tiny imperfections. I hope you will view these as part of her personality and accept them as part of creating something unique. I put a lot of love -really!- and attention into my work and strive to create things that are as perfect as possible. Creating Madison has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I hope her new owner loves and cares for her as much as I do.

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  1. heather says:

    I’m in LOVE with her!!! can’t wait or your auction to begin!!! do you know the price range you are starting for her or buy now option?! :)
    she’s just stunning!

    • mizzmoxie says:

      Hi Heather!
      Thank you SO much!! She really is special :)
      I haven’t decided on a firm price as of yet! :S But I will post it here as SOON as I post it on Ebay!

  2. maggie says:

    Oh, my, my, my!!! Madison is a sweet, exquisite, little creature!!! Reading about her brought a tear to my eye!!! I wish you all the best with your auction, for she really is a very special girl!!!

  3. Naye says:

    Amazing! Beautiful work of art..


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