WORLD: MEET MADISON. My first custom Blythe-y creation!

Well, She’s done!

After many weeks (months if you include me getting all my supplies together) I have finally completed the biggest project I have ever aspired to do. My custom dolly is DONE!

Everyone meet Madison. A OOAK, never to be repeated doll. Everything you see is handmade by me. Everything. :)

*scroll to bottom for information AND Madison’s real story!*

First: Click this link to watch the video ‘Madison’s Story’. Bring tissues!

Madison’s Story

Poor little Madison. Such a dreamer… Sadly though, for Madison, her dreams stay dreams and she has become lost in her own head.
It all began because of her twin sister, Goldie. Everyone loves Goldie. Everyone but Madison, because Madison knows the real Goldie. Madison knows that everything that she has become is because of Goldie.
Goldie. Perfect, angelic sister… Oh how she hates her!
And so it began; Once upon a time, in a house that was cold in some parts, warm in others. With a mother who was cold in most parts and warm in few others. And with a sister, who was the coldest and unwarmest of all.
Poor sweet Madison -of dark hair and quiet, thoughtful disposition- never had a word to say. Watching and listening, doing her own things and playing in her own ways. People thought she was ‘different’ and often told her mother so. Her mother would agree and say things like ‘She’s nothing like Goldie’.
Hurtful, hurtful mother. Perfect, perfect Goldie.
One day -like many, many others-Goldie told a lie. She told it to her mother and her mother -of course- believed her. But this was a different lie from the others. It was horrid. The repercussions of this lie fell on Madison, and only Madison knew the truth. But she could never tell. Because the lie was so horrible that Madison’s mother did the worst thing she could;
She sewed Madison’s mouth shut.
Now Madison could NEVER tell another lie.
Or another truth.
Now Madison is lost in her own head, in her own world, with her dreams and wishes of things never to come true. Playing in her dark room with the curtains drawn and her toys gathered close around her…waiting….

Purchasing and Creation information will be released tonight or tomorrow.
Stay Tuned!

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