Vintage Christmas — Making Your Own Ornaments!

*scroll for pics!

Ooohh EEE I love Christmas so much! I will probably blog it all year, all the time, every year.

Last weekend we found the weather to be exceptional. It was the perfect time to put up our outdoor decorations for Christmas! I hate putting them up when it’s cold so after our Canadian Rememberance Day passes we get out there lickity split to set those decorations up! Our neighbors think it’s because we are ridiculously organized, but really it’s because we are wimps in the cold.

tekgnosis and I are very proud of the way our house looks when it’s all decorated. It is very pretty and we get compliments from neighbors! Which is a compliment indeed :)

So anyway, the last thing we put out this year was our little lighted outdoor tree. We used to have two small 3 foot trees that we bought at Walmart but the bases froze and cracked! Stupid Walmart. Shops sell all these ‘outdoor’ products yet they forget that outdoors in Canada in Winter is a completely different ballgame. So we had to return the trees, but we couldn’t find anything that suited us anymore. Then we found the sweetest tree! It’s meant to be an indoor tree but it was sooo cheap and 4 feet tall! So we got it! It was a very successful decoration outside last year and this will be our second year with it.  We bought two.

So I was outside setting them up and when I got to the second one I exclaimed; ‘OH NOES! We don’t have lights for this one!” After much thinking and wondering my hubby and I realized that we now only put ONE tree outside and this other one was the one we put upstairs. Well after unboxing it and going through all the very painful work of uncurling every branch and bough I did NOT want to put it away until we get out the indoor stuff. So I found a nice little place for it inside!

But lo, it looked so lonely, so I put lights on it.

Alas, it then looked empty.

So I made ‘just a few’ ornaments for it.

But there were spaces! So I made some awesome ornaments for it!


Don’t worry, I will be taking everything off and re-arranging it a million times until it looks perfect.

Here is a close-up of one of my favourite ornaments:

And here are the pinecones!

I plan on making a LOT more ornaments for it but I was excited and wanted to show you.

Want to learn how to make the ornaments? Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Christmas — Making Your Own Ornaments!

  1. reindeerdreams says:

    Beautiful work!

  2. Kyi says:

    Love these vintage ornaments!!!


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