Cinderella Themed Wedding Album

I was contacted through my Etsy shop recently with a customer who wanted one of my storage albums in a Cinderella Theme. She wanted me to use A LOT of actual Cinderella stickers and pictures though.

Now, I do not buy or collect anything related to Disney -ever- so at first I was a little apprehensive, but after some thought  I realized that I could do this! I gathers my prettiest Cindrelle-esque papers and dimensional bits and got to work. I used textured cream papers, papers in palest pinks, blues and soft white and ribbons, lace and gems and sparkles aplenty!  You should see this thing when the light catches it!

My customer originally wanted to mail me a bunch of Cinderella stickers and dimensional pieces for the album but she found she was not able to do that, so she requested that I leave space in the album for her to put them in. So the empty spaces you see are meant for her.


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