Win A Lottie!

I discovered a new dolly blog a few weeks ago and ever since then I have read every post by this amazing collector. Her stories are captivating and really fun to read! I am surprised at howmuch I like it because I consider myself (and so would doll collectors) a newbie when it comes to this stuff.

I’m pretty specific in what I like too. Porcelain dolls can just go and be creepy somewhere else.

I mostly collect Blythe dolls but I LOVE bjd’s made by doll artists, some China made bjd’s are pretty awesome too and I am crazy for stuffies. I try to keep mine to a minimum but I do have a basketful on my dresser. I will have to take some pics of them for you to see because they are adorable. I don’t have teddy bears and shizznit ( well a few) but original stuffies that you don’t really see.

Anyway, on to the new blog: Confessions Of A Doll Collectors Daughter.
You can find her new give-away here!


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