Auditory Gold For Your Listening Pleasure

In my opinion; The entire world has virgin ears.

Why? Because you haven’t heard this voice.

My husband has an amazing voice. I don’t mean ‘he can sing’, I mean he has an amazing VOICE. Let me explain;

When he talks, people listen. It isn’t as much as that he is interesting and hilarious -which he is in abundance.- it’s that he is sooo ultimately captivating  with his manner of speech and THAT VOICE. It’s sex. Pure sex.  We can’t go anywhere -restaurants, stores… without someone commenting about it.

His voice is deep and golden and rumbles throughout his entire body. His chest literally resonates with it. You can actually FEEL his voice. When I sit on the couch next to him, or even if his arms are resting on the table while he is speaking I can FEEL his voice. If you’re standing in front of him you can actually feel his voice in the air in front of you. It’s astounding.

I love watching peoples reactions when he is speaking to them. First time ‘listeners’ are particularly interesting. Their eyes open wider and their mouths part open. Some just plainly drop wide open. Then, they do what everyone does when they hear him speak; they begin to lean in. Sometimes it’s subtle, most times it’s not. Some even step closer. I love to watch this because people are all the same; No one is aware they are doing any of  this.

There is no distinction in sex when it comes to his voice. Men and women alike are drawn to him. It’s very flattering for both of us.

Sometimes when I am feeling extra snuggly I lie on his chest and get him to recite the alphabet for me. Even the simplest things become the sexiest. If I am REALLY lucky he will sing Dave Matthews for me.

My first experience with my husbands voice is a funny one, and one I love to tell people about.

I met him online. We both had blogs in a community that no longer exists-MSN Spaces. To shorten this; we got to know each other. The day came when we had progressed from online chatting to calling each other, but not before he had given me less than adequate warning: “I have a deep voice.”

That’s it, that’s all he said. I thought ‘Ya ok. All men do.” I didn’t think much of it. That is until he called and I answered. The first thing he said? *“HELLO SYDNEY.” * Then; “Open the window and let me in, it’s cold out here.”

It was love at first hear.

My husband came into his voice at a really young age. It’s soo funny because when I asked his mother when his voice began to change she said “It didn’t”. He never had one of those tiny little child voices that all kids have. It was hilarious. I don’t mean to say he was born with a man-voice, but that he never had that kid-voice.

His teachers were always remarking about his voice and suggesting radio when he was out of school (which we both agree’d on would not only be a waste of his talents but a horrible job decision for him). When he was 13 years old his female teacher signed his yearbook with “Deep voice Jim, You are such a nice person and a wonderful student. Best Wishes! Mrs. __”.  So sweet! We only just recently found that entry in his yearbook. It was a funny and surprising find.

At this point you might be asking; “What DID he do with his voice?”
Well for years, nothing.

Eight years ago he finished University and -thank goodness -used his super intelligence to take a career in Software Development. (Btw, since I am tooting his horn, his IQ is on average over 140 hee hee Not me though. I would put mine at 8.)

Now, my husband has never really thought much about his voice. It’s just a part of him, who he is. Do you think about your arm? Or your left cheek? Probably not often. Well it’s the same for him and his voice.
His best friend B and him have discussed it though and what the possibilities were but it was only in mild conversation and never went anywhere.

Skip to earlier this year- January 17th 2012 to be exact.

He decided to start posting vocal clips of his own making on free-sound. Just for fun. The reception? ASTOUNDING. Personally, I wasn’t surprised. I’ve been listening to him every day for almost 10 years now (NEVER do I get tired of it).

His voice has been implemented and heard in MANY songs which have been released by major record labels, radio shout-outs, an amateur movie trailer, plugged from D.J’s… among daily and constant requests for vocal clips from people. It’s been impressive.

The funny thing about all of this is that he is only just beginning to understand how attractive and wonderful his voice is! Friends and family have always talked about it and I have been pointing out my observations of how people react to him for years but he never really started to notice until very recently. I love to see him smile about it. It’s all very exciting. And who doesn’t love to feel good about themselves?

Now, is anyone out there wondering what he sounds like? I hope so! Because here he is. Please enjoy :)

Please listen, enjoy and feel free to comment!

*From the movie “Scream”.

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