Who Wants A Creepy Picture? YOU Want A Creepy Picture

I finally finished sanding and prepping all of my dolly faces! Well, the ones I want to do for now. I still have 2 middie sized faces and I haven’t even thought about the 2 girls that I am keeping but I think I have enough set up to do, don’t you?

I put two girls in there too so that you can see what they look like before they are taken apart, have their make-up removed and are sanded. The little one is a future custom and the big one is my Caroline. I will eventually make her up to look like Caroline from Vampire Diaries. She is my favourite character. I wish they would show her more. Caroline is also wearing one of my own creations. If you love it I would be happy to make one for you! But I am out of that particular lace so I will have to use a different one.

Speaking of dresses, here is a picture link to one of my favourite listings in my shop. I wish someone would buy it because then I will know that I’m not the only one that likes it.


I just love it. I wish everyone could feel how soft this dress is. And it fits any doll because the top expands to accommodate any size up to 10 inches wide.

We went out last night to scope out the wood for the box that Madison will be displayed in (see previous post about this custom girl!). My FIL is making the box for me and he already bought all the wood for it but we wanted to see what it looks like for future boxes and prices. I hope that I will be able to make the boxes myself after this one. Pretty much my FIL is working out the kinks, will cut all the wood to size and will show me how to glue and clamp. It feels like it will be ages until it’s done for me to decorate!  I can’t wait to stain the box. We picked out a wonderful ebony stain. It’s sexy.

My FIL drives me INSANE. He has these horrible habits that just make me lose it but then he will go and do something so nice and thoughtful! It’s a rollercoaster of emotion.

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