Little Sister Blythe Doll Customization

I woke up today.
I did not want to.

In other news (REALLY BIG NEWS!);

I have been working on my first customized Blythe doll to sell on Ebay!!!  She will be up for auction in about a month. I have finished her face (carving and face-up), hair, eyelids, put in some new eyechips -wait till you see what they are!- and some diorama accessories.

I have also made her a really gorgeous crystal necklace, two veils – a mourning veil and a death bride veil! – and she has some pretty sweet pull-ring decorations too. She has SO much not finished yet though! I am waiting for the XS Picco Neemo bodies to arrive and I have to make her display box/diorama/doll house room thingy, decorate the room, make her outfit -which will be a job and a half in itself (oh these little works of art)- find her some shoes or boots, wait for her other accessories to arrive in the mail and then I can finally take pictures of her and list her.

So a little about the doll. I have to leave some stuff a surprise!

Madison is going to be approximately 21 cm tall. She will have a fully flexible and poseable body. She has a theme/story and it is ‘creepy-girl-next-door-that-makes-Wednesday-Adams-seem-lame’. :P

She will have a beloved stuffed toy and a very creepy doll among her prize possessions. Her room will consist of wall decorations, a stained, painted and high gloss glazed dresser and various other accessories.

Remember, I am not giving away all of her information now! You will just have to wait until she is fully complete for her debut! Stay tuned for Madison’s information, listing information and her very own video! I do need to point out though, that Madison is not a ‘real’ Blythe but she is just as wonderful as her big sisters.

And now, here is a sneak peak at her face and her pull-rings!

Her pull rings are; Crystal cut glass beads on one (they really sparkle!) and the other is a carved bird motif. Her face is JUST her head at the moment, no hair, no body. Ignore the poorly photshopped lashes on the left of the picture. I couldn’t make them show up properly!

That’s it for now! Keep an eye on my Facebook page, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and this blog for upcoming info about this doll and others. Links below.

Please comment and ask me anything!


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10 thoughts on “Little Sister Blythe Doll Customization

  1. Kyi says:

    She looks cool! Her pulls are pretty too!

  2. Jody says:

    Hi Joe! I can’t believe the amazing things you are up to these days. You are amazing. I will come back to read about the progress! xoxoxJody

  3. Anonymous says:

    Want!She is very cool looking already!

  4. Pinkeed says:

    She looks really interesting! Looking forward to it!

  5. neferkane says:

    VERY COOL BLOG JO BABY!!!! I’ll come back to read your new posts ^^ XOXOXOXOXO


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