Well, best Sunday ever I should say!

I started the day as usual but after looking around at my major messes spread through-out our living area I decided it was time to clean it up. I wanted to start on painting the mass amount of pinecones I collected for Christmas decorating and the only way I was going to be able to do that was to use it as a reward and to put my shizznit away.

I had SO much stuff up here! We have a finished basement but the retard who ‘finished’ it was soo lazy about it. I don’t think it’s insulated at all and we get no heat down therel. When winter hits it’s brutal! So my dreams of having a craft room were dashed when we figured out the basement is only good for storage. Despite that, I DO have a craft area set up, but it has gone to heck because the bookshelves that Significant Other and my FIL made for me collapsed! Not due to their workmanship but because they just weren’t strong enough for what I was using them for. Because of this mess I was unable to put ANYTHING away! So it just piled up and got out of control. And, of course, I discovered a new hobby -Blythe dolls! So between learning to paint these beauties, making amazing clothes for them for my shop and collecting the supplies I need to do all of this.. well there was quite a bit of stuff.

Well the mess ended. TODAY! The shelves still have to be fixed but I did spend 4 hours down there with no breakfast and no breaks to ‘git er done’! Urgh. What a Canadian thing to say. I’m so emburrassed….
Anyway, I was so happy because it finally meant I could paint my pinecones! I recently bought a  Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas magazine and it was sooo good! It was good enough that for the first time EVER I actually read the entire thing instead of just looking at the pictures.  I am going to copy some of the ideas in it but the main one I wanted to copy was Paul Lowe’s painted pinecones strung on the most fabulous ice blue velvet ribbons. They are just soo gorgeous! I have always wanted to do a sliver, white and blue Christmas so when I saw the spread for Paul’s I knew it was time! I have always has a thing for pinecones too, so after I got my housework done I rewarded myself with EIGHT hours of painting, movies and craft project fun! I know. I’m epic.

Here is a link to Paul’s pinecones too, so you can see what I’m copying. They are the ones hanging on the back of the chairs. Thanks to Mr. Bazaar for posting this!!

Below are pictures of my gorgeous painted pinecones. I hung them off the back of breakfast bar to dry for now. I think they look so pretty so I will leave them there until my velvet ribbon arrives in the mail.



I ordered a bunch from different shops but if you are interested, I bought some here:


f the link is dead there’s nothing I can do about it.


So the second thing I did was paint a small portion of the tiny pinecones I collected. These ones were taken off of some pine bush thingy. It was probably totally illegal of me to harvest the city owned bush but man, don’t they look pretty!?   The bottom half is just for fun. I still need to paint them. I had to stop because OMG my fingertips were soo sore from trying to hold onto pretty much NOTHING while I painted them. And I had just painted the big ones so my fingers were already tired. Oh poor me.















THEN, while I had my paints out I painted this dresser!

I wanted to try my hand at shabby chic and test run how it’s done. ( I am NUTS for shabby chic!) I think for a first try it turned out ok! I will post one pic now and do more tomorrow when it’s light out because this one looks like crap. And the dresser is WAY nicer in real life. With real eyes. Damn those fake eyes!








This day was really great. It was great because I felt like I achieved something while at the same time I did it all in my pjs! One of the best things about it. That and the fact that the guys (Significant Other and kiddo) spent the entire day playing a video game and interacting with each other the ENTIRE time! I was so happy. They are so cute together. It’s weird. They get along way better when I am not around. Ok well I was sitting about 4 feet from them all day but I was mentally removed from them for hours.

So something that was a great day-ender for me was to see that Emory of The Junky Spot put up the pictures I emailed him on his site! I felt honoured. They are a terrific shop with terrific people and I felt really awesome about having them share my stuff! You can check out my photos here:

and here:


Well I guess that’s it for today! I am beyond exhausted and it’s 8 minutes past my bedtime.

Blog Out!





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2 thoughts on “BEST. WEEKEND. EVER.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Joe, your site is really beautiful, I LOVE the graphics! It is so YOU!! I’ll have to spend some time perusing your site when I have more time :) You have so many great ideas, you inspire me!

    • mizzmoxie says:

      !!! Aw thanks Gorgeous Woman! You will be known as that from now on. You will have to make up some names for your Significant Other and chilluns in case I want to blog about our awesome times together :P I appreciate so much that you stopped by!! I love you! xoxox


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