Hello world!

Yes… Hello World. Or to be much more accurate; Hello one person reading this. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
So I just started this blog TODAY and am having a hard time with it. I think it’s mostly because of;

1. I like instant results. It’s not happening.


2. I need sustenance.

Food is good. I like food.

So I was on Blogger for years and didn’t use it at all. Mostly because my blog looked like crap and it physically hurt my eyes to look at it. Then I tried to change it and use it and it was just such a struggle every time to try and USE the damn thing that I decided to listen to my significant other and come here, to WordPress. So far it IS easier, but I guess I forgot how time consuming it is to start and maintain a blog.

My wrists are tired. I will make the rest of this quick; I blog random stuff, sometimes I swear but I am trying to refrain from doing that, I am a lady after all. Sort of. I wear dresses and have to wipe when I pee but I think the lady-part ends there… I have two Etsy shops where I make adorable things and I DO have a Youtube showish thing but I have to make more videos.
This blog will represent all of the above and probably more. Or less. The maintaining part is kinda key in the blogging world…

I hope to become famous one day. Not ‘Movie star famous’ where you get no peace but not ‘That actor who’s Canadian’ famous either because I actually want people to know who I am. So pick somewhere in between and I will take that. Recognize me in the supermarket and ask for a picture and I will be happy with that.

Me out.

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2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. hahahahahahhahahahahhaha says:


    • mizzmoxie says:

      Hello Significant Other. I have published this so the world will see what you are like and choose me over you for any arguments we will have.
      The Best Woman Ever


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